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Live 100 Thieves LCS lineup information: Rumors, reported steps, and more

100 Thieves entered into 2022 with a lot of prospective as well as a method seldom used by any type of professionalOrganization of Legendsrosters. Last off season, virtually every LCS company made at the very least one modification to their starting lineup ahead of the Spring Split. 100T was the outlier. After a successful end to 2021 that saw 100 Thieves turn up just brief of the Globes knockout stage, the org made a decision to maintain the lineup in its entirety for the upcoming calendar year of play.

After the Globes group phase involved New York city, signifying completion of 100 Thieves’ season, conjecture started to run rampant on that would leave the roster. Some fans demanded for Sunday’s replacement with the highly-touted 100 Thieves Academy top-lane prospect Milan Persistence Oleksii waiting in the wings. Others thought the crawler lane was the issue spot for 100T, aiming to see a switch up from the solid duo of FBI and Hui.

What appears to be the most likely fact is neither of those alternatives comes to fulfillment. Independent reporter Brood Seeger reported that 100 Thieves are enabling Closer and also Abbeydale to discover options for the upcoming period. This does not guarantee that either gamer is out of a place on 100T’s beginning roster.


This came as a little a shock, however, given that Closer has regularly been the most effective performer on the lineup throughout their two-year run, even claiming a finals MVP for the 2021 LCS Summer Split playoffs. Abeedagge additionally had his brilliant moments, regardless of a harsh Worlds efficiency.

Blink forward to the here and now day as well as the lineup did not fulfill its soaring objectives. Back-to-back second-place finishes locally and a disappointing team phase exit at Worlds 2022 highlighted a step back for 100 Thieves this year. With shortcomings like those, modifications are most likely to be made to the lineup ahead of the 2023 campaign.

This does, nevertheless, beam some light on what the organization’s state of mind is when it pertains to building its next roster. Unlike Team Liquid as well as coco Steve ARPANET, 100 Thieves hasn’t supplied a lot of understanding on its strategy to this off season. This indicates every report and also record ought to be taken with an additional grain of salt until totally free firm officially begins.

The only verified separation from 100 Thieves swiftly after the group left Globes came behind the scenes. Among the tales of professionalLeague of Legends _, Chris PapaSmithy Smith, had been the basic manager for 100T because 2019. PapaSmithy played a significant duty in creating the lineup that brought 100 Thieves its first LCS title in 2021. PapaSmithy’s contract finished this year as well as he chose to tip away from 100 Thieves. His following touchdown area is as president and also chief gaming policeman at Frequent.

100 Thieves next LCS super team?

Training adjustments

Until now this off season, there hasn’t been much information about 100 Thieves outside of Closer, Abbeydale, and also PapaSmithy. Travis Afford dropped what so far has been the largest report on fans throughout Worlds finals weekend in San Francisco. Afford explained in a video clip that 100 Thieves might be the following LCS incredibly team, bringing in Spica in the jungle, new freelance Bergen in mid, and also drawing Double lift out of retired life to begin at ADC. Essentially, 100T is rumored to be bringing the core of the 2020 TSM lineup back together for one more run at worldwide hardware.

This would certainly be the move of the off season, bringing in the agreement 2 finest LCS gamers of all time for one even more perform at Worlds. It does, nonetheless, increase a ton of questions for the rest of the lineup. If this holds true, that would certainly also mean FBI runs out 100T along with Closer and Abbeydale, that may currently have one foot out the door with the org allowing them check out alternatives. What does the rest of this lineup look like around the core three of Spica, Bergen, and Double lift? Do Sunday as well as Hui stay? A great deal is still unpredictable, and it is necessary to note that this prospective super group is simply a report, for currently.

Reapered’s replacement looks to currently be established as well as 100 Thieves will reportedly aim to Europe for its new head train. Blip_GG reporter Alejandro Gomes reported that former MAD Lions head trainer Christophe Haas van Oudheusden will make the action to the LCS with 100 Thieves for the 2023 period. Haas has been with MAD because 2020 and played a vital function in the Spanish org winning back-to-back LEC titles in 2021.

A couple of days back, 100 Thieves announced that it’d likewise make changes behind the scenes for the upcoming season. Head instructor BOK Reapered Hang was release by 100T ahead of 2023. Reapered was induced in 2021 and also played a substantial duty in the success of 100 Thieves and also the org asserting its first domestic championship in the Summer Split.

What’s going on with Tenacity?

Last however definitely not least is the assistance circumstance for 100 Thieves. At an early stage, it had not been clear if either FBI or Hui would remain on the roster for 2023. Currently, with Afford’s insider report about a 100T incredibly team, the picture in the robot lane may look a little clearer. Afford clarifies in his video clip that the perfect pairing around Spica, Bergen, and also Double lift would be Sunday in the top lane and also 100 Thieves Academy support Alan Music Catalina at support.

What is necessary to note is that Persistence is still under contract with 100 Thieves till 2024. Currently, an update from Transports journalist Sander Hove declares that 100T is obstructing the transfer of Perseverance to Wickedness Geniuses. This all stems from the fact Tenacity’s relocation is only a verbal agreement currently.

When again be blocked from beginning for 100T in the LCS, that lineup is presently just a report however alludes to the concept that Persistence would. This notion came to be also much most likely when earlier today it was reported that Perseverance would sign up with Wickedness Geniuses to start in the leading lane for the 2023 season. That’d be a huge action that would certainly strengthen not just Sunday’s go back to 100T however EG’s stance on expanding young North American ability.


While Sunday’s status in the top lane is still extremely much up in the air, Music’s promo seems much a lot most likely. In the same record confirming Haas as the next 100T head train, Gomes also reported Music’s promo to starting assistance for 100 Thieves at the LCS level. This would consequently suggest that Hui runs out the beginning schedule, a move that has yet to be reported. Promoting Music together with an expert LCS ADC makes good sense. Double lift has a history of pairing with more youthful supports like Biofrost and Treat in their LCS debuts with TSM.

Currently, there isn’t a lot confirmed for the 100 Thieves LCS roster ahead of the 2023 season. Rumor-wise, this org might not be much more in the limelight ahead of the beginning of free company. When Nov. 21 rolls about, a great deal a lot more clarity will be provided on the future of 100 Thieves’ professionalLeague of Legendsteam.

As formerly mentioned, a lot of 100 Thieves as well as LCS followers are anxious to see Tenacity, one of the brightest LCS Academy players, obtain the telephone call back up to the large stage. Initially, it sounded like 100 Thieves may favor keeping Sunday, the org’s longest-tenured player. In Afford’s video describing the abovementioned extremely group, he said that Sunday would be paired with the sort of Spica, Bergen, and also Double lift for 2023.

This makes 100 Thieves’ top-lane circumstance really murky. It is currently a reported truth that 100 Thieves likewise wants to maintain Tenacity.

100 Thieves came into 2022 with a lot of possible as well as a method hardly ever made use of by any type of expertLeague of Legendslineups. After a successful end to 2021 that saw 100 Thieves come up just short of the Globes knockout phase, the org determined to maintain the lineup in its whole for the upcoming calendar year of play.

After the Globes group stage wrapped up in New York City, representing the end of 100 Thieves’ season, speculation started to run widespread on who would leave the lineup. PapaSmithy played a massive duty in producing the lineup that brought 100 Thieves its initial LCS title in 2021. Now, there isn’t a ton verified for the 100 Thieves LCS roster in advance of the 2023 season.