Wemade, Nile official site 11 days open… 5 types including Dao

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Remade (CEO Gang Hyung) held an official site for DAO and NFT platform Nile (NILE).

Nile is equipped with a total of five services: Day, Life, Marketplace, Community, and Tokens.

Nile’s DAO is equipped with a Nate protocol with seven components so that communities with a common goal can be transparent and easy to create and operate their own talk comics. The first lineup is to unveil ‘Wonder Day’ and ‘Artem Day’.

In Life, web 3.0-based Apps and projects are introduced. The company explained that the service will allow users to experience new lifestyles.

In addition, the token-based messenger ‘Papyrus’ will support community services that only specific tokens and NFT holders can access.

You can also use the Marketplace, which allows you to trade tokens and NFTs for the Nile, DAO, DAP, and Projects, and Dashboard Service Tokens, which allows you to check the asset value of these tokens in real time.

Gang Hyung, CEO of Remade, said, The blockchain technology that cannot be forged will be applied to almost everywhere to build a new digital economy. Vision.

Meanwhile, Remade also opened the official Nile’s official medium channel.