Halo Infinite adds news that fans appreciate

Something that is quite clear is the anger on the part of the fans who expect updates of Halo Infinite, because not much ago the possibility of playing on the screen divided locally in the campaign was discarded. And while things have not improved very notably, at least the developer team are adding elements that users receive friendly.

The winter patch has recently been released for the Shooter video game, where elements were finally added that people basically asked since the base game was released a year ago. Here is the beta of the long-awaited way Forge , tool that is already available with six customizable maps, where files can also be shared.

For its part, the patch helps the progression system with the beta of Match XP , which rewards for completing additional experience games. It can be accessed with the free battle pass here, cosmetic objects are included. The rotation of two new multiplayer sand maps is added, argyle and detachment , both built in forge .

It is worth commenting, that 343 Industries has apologized to users who remain faithful to the game, because they have needed a lot of patience to obtain improvements in a lot of time. It should be remembered that the directives have changed in the study, because months ago the former head of the company left her position for reasons that are not yet so clear.

Remember that Halo Infinite is available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC .

Via: Halo Waypoint

Editor’s note : It is a joy to know that at least the few users who enjoy the game are not abandoned. It may be that with the battle passes and other content you return to the days of glory of the franchise.