Nintendo established the Nintendo Systems as a new company. A joint venture with DeNA, which is responsible for the Nintendo account management

Nintendo announced on November 8 that it will establish Nintendo Systems Co., Ltd. It seems to be a joint venture with Dena Co., Ltd. It is said that the amount of capital is equivalent to 10/100 of Nintendo’s capital, which will be a specific subsidiary of Nintendo.

Nintendo Systems is a joint venture where Nintendo is 80%and Dena invests 20%. The capital is 5 billion yen. It is scheduled to be established on April 3, 2023. The business content is research and development and operation and added value creation for the purpose of digitizing Nintendo’s business. Betsy Safari, who has undergone the Nintendo’s network, will be appointed president and CEO.

Nintendo and Dena have been partners for a long time. In addition to the operation and development of various smartphone apps such as Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, and Pokémon Masters EX, Dena is also involved in the development and operation of Nintendo accounts. In Nintendo’s network service, Dena plays a role in various fields. Nintendo and Dena will now establish a joint venture.

Nintendo commented on the establishment of Nintendo Systems, saying, We have concluded a business and capital alliance with Dena in 2015 and have been working on the development and operation of a new core system centered on Nintendo accounts. In general, we and Dena will strengthen our partnership and partnership based on the accumulation of know-how of both companies for more than seven years and the experience of various services based on Nintendo accounts, and digitize our business in our business. For the purpose of strengthening, we will establish a joint venture that will further deepen the relationship with customers and create a joint venture to create added value.


If the capital is 5 billion yen, it is quite large. Dena has various know-how in the network business, and is currently operating a live distribution service POOCH. Along with such a Dena, the network part of the Nintendo-related platform will be further strengthened. You can see that seriousness.