Iem Major Rio: The best moments of the fans in the first week of the tournament

IEM Major Rio 2022 began last Monday (31) and the euphoria of azilians have drawn attention. Even the contagious crowd was the target of praise for valve and foreign teams of cs: go . Many unusual situations occurred in the audience, from masked player to marriage proposal. It is worth remembering that the excitement of azilians must be maintained until the final moments of the championship, with the classification of Curia for Champions Stage and increasingly close to the great title.

Confirm some of the best moments of IEM Major Rio 2022 below:

Fallen wears Hulk mask and joins the audience

At that moment, the audience believed it was just watching another common match. But in fact, one of the main names in the CS: GO scenery was closer than I imagined.

Gaiel Fallen Toledo decided to put a Hulk mask and enjoy the championship alongside Imperial fans during the match between Fanatic and 9z Team on Thursday (3). But it was not simple for the athlete to maintain anonymity, the masquerade caught the attention of streamer Gauges that has believed in the possibility of being an infiltrated pro player. It was not long before Fallen was finally discovered and increasing the excitement of the fans.

Marriage proposal

It’s not just the competitiveness that is in the air of Major Rio, love too. It is common that in face-to-face tournaments, fans take advantage of the interaction of reporters and commentators to make that long-awaited marriage proposal. With the CS: GO Championship was no different, on Wednesday (2), a fan knelt and placed the request during a match of Curia and she accepted.

Cheer à la football

In azil, the modality seen as a parameter in sports is football. The category drags fans in all regions of the country and the shouts of war and the excitement are well recognized. It can be said that in this regard Major Rio was not left behind, with an audience that surprised the organization and the way of cheering.

Torrid contains Spirit psychologist

Even the psychologist of Team Spirit was surprised by the animation of azilians and decided to respond to the fans as a way to encourage her to scream even louder. Aleksandr Kuznets vitalized on social networks with the video in which he appears interacting with the Curia fans before the game.

Some believed he would be teasing the audience, but denied in an interview with GE and explained that he wanted to feel the energy and pass it to his players. azilians and Russians faced each other on Saturday (5) and the victory was guaranteed by the team of Kike Esperanto Erato.

the yellow fan

One of the personalities present at the event that drew a good laugh from those present was a completely yellow fan. The unusual costume served that he could draw attention in the midst of so many people, especially when he decided to make a human bike with a fury fan and another person dressed as Spider-Man.

IEM Major Rio 2022 advances for its second and last week. With the end of the Legends Stage on Tuesday (8), the next destination will be the decisive phase of Champions Stage at Tennessee Arena and a crowd is expected with Even more strength at this final stage.