LOL – Worlds 2022: Drx and the spirit of Karasuno, two ingredients to create an unforgettable anime

Having to talk about the Final Worlds is having to talk about one of the most exciting series in the history of League of Legends. T1 fought with everything he had, but Dr seemed to have an aura that no one else had, a kind of protector that assured him to get his goals for the last time before finishing everything and a fight spirit that few have been able to replicate.

A countercurrent from the LCK, those of Deft have known how killing that few are able to overcome. And Dr has just lived in his flesh The spirit of Karakul , a pride in the crows that none can stop.

The spirit of Karakul lives in Dr’s hearts

Many will be wondering what the hell is Karakul and why I emphasize him, I understand you. For those who do not know, it is a volleyball team from the anime haiku , a spoken (sports anime) in which a team that has not known the real victory in several years It is gradually presented as one of the great favorites to take the National Volleyball Tournament.

With veterans and jewels to polish their ranks, Pinata, Panama, Nishinoya and company will see them with other institutes much more famous than them. There are only a few who continue to encourage crows after so long in the back make.

We do not want to do many Spoilers because we assure you that it is an excellent work that we strongly recommend, but its passage through the tournaments has been very similar to that of Deft and company. From below, they had to climb a mountain that seemed giant, but little by little it became smaller as they played and encouraged each other. As Too Ottawa says, When the crows come in flock they can kill to the largest eagle.

The best anime we will see in our life

Dr’s case is extremely unique; Without going from the top 5 and winning only two best of five throughout the year before entering Worlds, Zebra have managed to maintain union and confidence between them , fixing all the Errors that made every time they lost a map and gradually perfecting a quick and precise game of League of Legends. Even having won the championship, they continued to have failures like Posit and his smite or Kin gen’s colocations according to what plays, but the important thing was to be the best being a team.

Because many of us We have excited ourselves with Deft and his history of overcoming , we have flipped with Zebra and his Silas, we have seen unimaginable comebacks in the hands of players who did not know so much. When the fifth map arrived, many of us were not even in the stadium, but we all felt that we were in the front row to fight for the long-awaited trophy next to them. They have the best player in history and a jewelry in players who are a true bestiality, but Yes Dr, just like Karakul, they have no wings, they will look for another way to fly higher than the rival.

Deft has gone through too many World Cups without any success, and has not stopped until he is proposed. Khan could have retired in this way, but the winner was Edge, Soap could have left Fanatic raising the Cup or Faker could have raised his world cup, but this time he has been chosen by the destination to know the glory. Hope is born of misfortune and bad luck. We will never see an anime as exciting as Dr.