Indie Game News Ranking! SCI

Introducing indie game news that has been echoed in a week! We will deliver the indie game-related articles listed in GAMESpark. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period of October 28, 2022, to November 03, 2022 .

The latest trailer CURSE OF THE SEA RATS Rat Dania for 3rd 4-person CO-OP compatible! 91 pt.

Introducing four unique characters.


2nd place Cosmic horror RPG World of fear latest update BLOOD MOON distribution! The version is 0.9.9: 108 pt.

13 % off sale is being held at Steam.


1st place Intense Open World SCI-F Survival Hysteria early access start date! 148 pt.

Mankind survives on the endangered earthy earth.


This week, the early access date and time announcement of the Open World SCI-F survival Hysteria became a hot topic. Expectations increase with a dynamic craft type FPS. It seems that a PVP/EVE server will be prepared separately depending on your favorite style, such as interpersonal and cooperation. In addition, the latest update of World of Fear is also delivered . This work has been accessed for a long time, but expectations for the official release that is approaching is increasing.