They could have confirmed the protagonist actor of The Punisher

One of the series that liked a lot in past years was The Punisher , which had Jon Bertha in the role of Frank Castle, and now the UCM would be having a new material related to antihero. Many want the actor to return to this character, especially to which important actors from other productions such as Charlie Cox , have returned.

The actor Kasey O’Keefe shared a photo of Bertha in Instagram and pointed out that he is waiting to work during phase 5 of Marvel. He does not mention what project, but adds the hashtag #punisher next. This adds to Rosario Dawson Let It was a confirmation for fans.

Another of the rumors that circulates is that Jon would have a role for the next series of Daredevil , and as is known, the characters of both have a wide relationship in the world of comics. Then, it means that it would make its first appearance in this program, something that also happened with Matt Murdock in other franchises, with Spider-Man and She-Hulk.

There is also the echo series, which would be developing in New York, many characters are known because they live in New York, proof of this is seen in Hawkeye , where Kate Bishop Know Kingpin . The latter is the main villain of Daredevil , in addition to having certain connections with Spider-Man that we still do not see.

For now, the addition of the main actor of punisher remains a rumor.

Via: Comic book Movie

Editor’s note: With the number of actors who are retaking papers from the Netflix series to go to Marvel Studios, it would not be surprise that we see Jon as The Punisher once again.