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God of War Ragnarok will demand too much from your PS4; Be careful not to damage

God of War Ragnarök is about to be released on PS4 and PS5 on November 9 . The tests were published shortly back with great criticism, including ours, performed on Sony’s state-of-the-art machine. However, some publications about the PS4 version of Santa Monica’s title and feedback is very encouraging to this medium, even if there is a small inconvenience… will the console bear the jog?

A PS4 version at the height

With an installed base that obviously remains inferior compared to that of PS5, Sony and santa monica had the intention of developing a game that exceeded expectations on PS4, such as Horizon Forbidden West in the same support.

Basically if you don’t necessarily need a 60 FPS game, the PS4 version will serve very well. Certainly it is lost in detail, resolution and fluidity, but overall the game loses nothing of its charm. It should be said that God of War 2018 was already surprising in its time and Ragnarök seems to even overcome this feat.


But in return…

Well, as you can imagine, the game will demand from your PS4 to an unprecedented level of decibels. That’s what Kodak points out, as the journalist said his console had never made so much noise before.

Therefore, we recommend that you hear the advice given in this same article: Make sure to dust and clean your console from top to bottom to avoid any problem.