Deep Rock Galactic: Season 3 Plague Autumn appears shortly

There are additionally four brand-new tossing items, one for each of the primary courses, to counter the brand-new risks. Torment problem has been prepared for computer given that November 3, 2022, PlayStation and also Xbox gamers need to be individual until November 17, 2022.

Your group has a number of new tools, grenades as well as throwing things for combating. With the Lithofoamer, a chemical foam is dispersed in the affected areas that links to the Rock pox. The littoral is utilized to soak up the foam together with the sticky plague.

GHOST SHIP video games accompanies the trailer on Deep Rock Galactic: Season 3 Plague Fall. A lithosphere called Rock pox infects Hoaxes, also affects rocks and affects the regional wildlife. Even the immune towers over feel the perilous handle of this pathogen.


You can either play the game directly in the Xbox Game Pass or get it in the Xbox Store:

  • Deep Rock Galactic-EUR 29.99