The director of the Spider trilogy

If there is a common element in every story of origins of Spider-Man , that is the clsic Spider Witness to Peter Parker on a school science excursion. An event that although it w narrated in the first deliveries of the previous two trilogies of spider-man in the cinema, wpletely obvious in the UCM Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland . Now, its director Jon Watts explained why they decided not to show such an iconic scene-or something similar-to explain the origins of the current spider cinematographic. This is collected by means such Screen Rant, contributing the statements of the filmmaker himself.

The truth after spider sting at ucm

And the fans will know, the first time we saw the UCM Spider-Man w Man and without the need to show where the powers had taken from New York. Shortly after his first individual film came with Spider-Man Homecoming , where he w not shown or made direct reference to the bite a flhback or anything similar. But why?

It w so pleant to ignore it anddeal with more repercussions … and simply explore it from the perspective that someone else finds out and h many questions , he explained Jon Watts . I mean, God knows that there should be something similar to that, probably… but no. I mean, I think it w bitten by a radioactive spider on an excursion . We never talk about that either, but I think that w what happened, adds the scriptwriter Christopher Markus in a recent interview with Sean O’Connell .

Recall that in the previous two trilogies of Spider-Man we already saw the origin of its powers, with the Peter Parker of Tobey Maguire being bitten by a spider on a school excursion to the laboratory of the University of Columbia And with the Peter Parker of Andrew Garfield bitten by another genetically modified spider at the OSC ORP facilities, when he escapes a visit to talk to Dr. Curtis Connors, which would later be the lizard.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Peter Parker’s sting is already part of the popular culture , both in the cinema and in the comics, so those responsible for the Homecoming trilogy decided to ignore it for not Repeat the same a third time on the big screen.