Easy toon Reboot: R, Groove Coaster Collaboration DLC launch

Necrosis (CEO Jean Byung-soo) is a second collaboration DLC ‘Groove Coaster Collaboration DLC’ of the rhythm game ‘Saskatoon Reboot: R’ co-developed with Square Pixels (co-representative Kim Young-won, Song Jae-young). It was officially released.

‘Groove Coaster’ is a rhythm action game developed by Japanese game developer Tito. To be.

The released Groove Coaster Collaboration DLC is the 11-year groove coasters such as ‘VOLT’, ‘Ouroboros-Twin Stroke of the End-‘ and ‘Fuji Rumble’ and Masai (Cantata) A total of 10 songs were included, including popular songs from famous artists.

In addition, an additional panel skins and note skins are provided with a theme with the Groove Coaster 3 Series, which was the topic of ‘Groove Coaster’, which celebrated the 9th anniversary of the Arcade version when purchasing the DLC, and the arcade plate groove coaster gas.

More information about the new DLC can be found on the official page.