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All the voice actors of Modern Warfare 2 2022

Another year, another Call of Duty. But this time, COD fans will receive a new version of the iconic Modern Warfare 2. Fans who reserved the game were able to experience the campaign a week before the complete launch of the game. That said, it is possible that it is curious to know who the voices are behind the last blockbuster entry of the mega successful franchise. Without further ado, here are all the dubbing actors of Modern Warfare 2 (2022).

Potential Spoilers for Modern Warfare 2 Original fans

Full cast of Modern Warfare 2 dubbing actors

the mw2 cast is shown below.

Barry Sloane: Captain Juan Price
NEIL ELLIE: John Activist (Laborers)
Samuel Ruin: Simon Riley (Ghost)
Elliot Knight: Kyle Garrick (gasoline)
Claudia Doubt: Farah Karim
Glenn More shower: General Pastor
As Marrero: Núñez
Alain Mesa: Alejandro Vargas
Ray Kilted: Kate Las hell
Warren Role: Felipe Tombs
Bayard ode Murguía: Rodolfo Parr
Ibrahim Reno: Hassan Ryan
Stefan Pacific: Nicolás
husband Elisa Camaro: Valeria Garza
Ramón Fernández: Diego Salgado

This year’s Call of Duty is a direct sequel to the popular Modern Warfare (2019). Fans’ favorites, such as Captain Price, make an epic return in another adventure of globetrotters. But that is not all, new operators such as the leader of the Mexican Special Forces; Alejandro Vargas, accompany Task 141 in his campaign against terrorism. Players can expect to complete the campaign in 4 to 6 hours, depending on their level of skill and difficulty. Eagle eye players can even notice a variety of call returns and Easter eggs while playing the campaign.

As usual in the franchise, MW2 presents voice talents and capture of movement of notable actors in the games, television and cinema industry, respectively. Warren Role, who plays Philip Graves, was Race Adler in Uncharted 4, while Alain Mesa has voice loans for several games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, The Division and Fora Horizon 5. Players can even recognize Ray Kilted for their Apparitions in Home. Alone 3, Deep Impact and the television series Superman and Lois.

Of course, the entire cast of voices of the 2019 title covers their roles once more. An outstanding restless star was Barry Sloane, who gives voice to Captain John Price. Sloane stands out for appearing in several British soap operas, along with the drama; Revenge and Navy SEALs.

Neil Ellis, who plays Price’s best friend; Soap has important action credits, such as those that appear in Loki and the miniseries not so important halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Ellis squad, Samuel Cousin (Ghost), also made his debut in Marvel in Agents of Shield and was also in Happy-Go-Lucky, Oscar nominated. Another random event about Cousin is that it is also part-time DJ, which could be said to be an interesting peculiarity for Ghost in the game.

And finally, there is Elliot Knight, who plays GAS once again in MW2 (2022). Knight made his debut as an actor in several popular programs, such as How To Get Away With Murder and HBO Titans. As you can see, Task 141’s cast is no stranger to Hollywood.

And with that, those are all voice actors in Modern Warfare 2 (2022) along with additional information about the other content available in the launch and in the near future. Stay Frosty and don’t lose sight of Twin infinite.

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