Silent Hill Ascension – Exit date, trailer and all that we know

INAMI breathed a new life into the Silent Hill series after many, many years. Silent Hill Transmission presented both remakes and new games, including Silent Hill Ascension. This mysterious new project intrigued Silent Hill fans and us. Below we have collected everything that we know about Silent Hill Ascension.


everything we know about Silent Hill Science

Silent Hill Ascension is developed by Aeneid Entertainment and direct the Silent Hill series to a new channel. This will be an interactive series in real time, where fans will be able to watch and make decisions together. Below you will find additional information about Silent Hill Ascension.

What is the release date of Silent Hill Ascension?

We do not have an official release date, but Silent hill ascension will be released 2023 . You can monitor the official silent hill Twitter to receive additional information and updates about Silent Hill Ascension and other Silent Hill products.

on what platforms will Silent Hill Science be released?

We do not know yet what platforms will be Silent Hill Science, since none of them was mentioned during the initial disclosure of the information. We expect that it will be available on a PC, since games of this type usually work well on a PC. It would also allow streamers to play better playing with their fans.

Silent Hill Ascension is a movie or a game?

This answer is unclear , because the Silent Hill Ascension seems to be an interactive project, an inspired developer watching how streamers play Silent Hill with their fans. Fans of Silent Hill will be able to play and look together, influencing the outcome of history. The initial disclosure was scarce with details, but it is likely that fans will be able to determine the events of those who live in Silent Hill Science.

Say let Hill Climbing Trailer

You can see Silent Hill Ascension yourself by going to the Silent Hill channel on YouTube. Evaluate this new wave of horror, get ready to test it together and hope to survive.

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