Warframe: The whereabouts of the missing fin Kaly in the Kaly mission Escape from prison

Garrison Kayla is a new faction presented in the Veil breaker update to Warframe. Players can take part in weekly missions issued by KAL-175 in a wanderer camp to earn stocks that they can then exchange at the chipper for the purchase of various goodies. One of these weekly missions is the escape from prison, where you play for Kahla-175 to free your brothers Grind from the control of Farmer. During the mission, one of your tasks is to find the missing Plus Kay. In this guide, we will tell you how to find the missing Flux Kay in Warframe.

How to find the missing Flux Kay in the Kay mission to escape from prison in warframe

The missing fluff of Kayla, in fact, is a soft toy of the well-known rodents of the Kulak, which can be on the plains of Eidolon in Warframe. The task of finding it becomes especially difficult due to the fact that the missing fluff of Kayla appears randomly. Therefore, players may have to carefully scour the levels to find it, since only one appears in the same mission.

To simplify the identification, contact the image above to get an idea of what the missing Flux Kayla looks like. Good initial advice to find what you are looking for in the missions of Break Farmer is to pay attention to the main marker of the goal that will direct you to the place. Use this marker as a waybill and be sure to search each corridor and storage before moving on to the main goal. The missing fluff Kayla usually appears in rooms with immunizes, next to genomes, as well as next to the debris that contain passwords.

The search for the missing fluff of Kay and the execution of the assignment will reward you reserve which can then be used to purchase products such as weapons, war frames and fashion arc hons, the proposals of the chopper in in camp Baggage **.

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