Neopin signed MOU with Interchain NFT platform Haba

[ Moon Byung-soo] Neo pin (CEO Kim Highway) signed a business agreement (YOU) such as interchange NFT platform Have (CEO Young-Kwang LIM) and mutual technology exchange and joint ecosystem for blockchain open platform Neo pin and ABA. It was announced on the 19th.

Since the two companies are specialized in blockchain-related technology and long know-how, this agreement plans to work as a business joint partner other than core technology and services. Both Neo pin and Have are advancing the service to make it more convenient to use various chains on one platform. By integrating various chains, we will lower the barriers to entry to blockchain services and strive to popularize by expanding the base.

Neo pin is currently supporting ‘Ethereum’, ‘Clayton’, and ‘Tron’ chain and go one step further in the chain of ‘BIN INS Smart Chain (BSC)’, ‘Polygon’, ‘Polygon’, The company plans to introduce multichain services that support many chains, including Cosmos, by the first half of next year. As it is an open platform that accumulates assets through Devi (decentralized finance) and provides various utilization such as games, meth uses, services, and NFTs, multichain support is a must-see strategy.

ABA is characterized by the use of NFT issued in various chains regardless of the chain for the purpose of games, art, and social. Users can use nft in binance or Clayton Chain in Game and social activities via Have, and can be replaced by NFT regardless of the chain.

The Hara Project is co-led by the Poppy, who is in charge of the development of the NFT platform and blockchain game ‘Space Gears’ by utilizing the web 3 solutions that are in charge of Have, icon loops and blockchain technology. Each of the major blockchains and the core personnel in charge of the game participated.

Neo pin is connecting and expanding the ecosystem with games, meth uses, services, and NFTs, focusing on various begins such as speaking, Yield Farming, and Swap. In August, the company announced the second half of the second half-centered strategy, including Web 3.0, Multi Chain, NFT, and Lunch Pad. Neo-Pin, a parent company of Neo pin, is a subsidiary of Neo wiz Holdings, operating more than 20 chain nodes and ‘Unblocks’, a virtual asset wallet service.

Kim Highway, CEO of Neo pin, said, As each company has the same direction of various chain support, we will build a blockchain platform that can be easily used by more people by interacting with technology know-how in various ways. As we support virtual assets with high demand in the world, we expect global targets to be further speeding up.

LIM Young-gwang, CEO of Have, said, We are pleased to support the multichain of the neon ecosystem with Have’s interc8. We will provide innovative infrastructure and services so that the blockchain ecosystem can be conveniently connected..