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[Interview] The new card game, B.B returned to Marvel Snap

Ben Broke, a developer of Blizzard’s card game ‘Hearthstone’, has been showing its first game since Ben Broke, which was also recognized among domestic gamers, founded the new company ‘Second Dinner’. Marvel Snap, a card game using Marvel IP.

It’s been four years since he left Blizzard and found a new company, and it’s almost like Colony 19 has hit the world with almost start-ups. In the meantime, in the global game industry, there have been a lot of concerns about the development of new normal games, and the launch of the majority of games has been postponed.

‘Marvel Snap’, which has overcome such difficult moments and formal launches, has a high interest of gamers around the world as Hearthstone’s core development personnel are gathered, and Marvel fans’ eye level should be matched. Only.

In commemoration of the launch of ‘Marvel Snap’, we had a chance to talk with Ben Broad in writing for a long time. I couldn’t hear the voice myself, but in the article, he felt like a bright and pleasant atmosphere. Really, in English, Young HA SE YO! He is the first interviewer he wrote.

  • This interview was in writing

** SNAP! (Just!)

Q. The reason for the founding of the second dinner seems to be talking in the first interview. There are a lot of fans who are curious about how they have been. Of course, I didn’t have to worry about the development of marvel snap, but how have you been?

= Really well! It is very rewarding to work with the industry’s best developers in the new game studio. Besides, I always like to develop a game with tremendous influence. Just as ‘Hearthstone’ has overturned the collectable card game. I’m excited to be able to achieve that dream again with Marvel Snap.

Of course, the last fan Derick was a bit difficult for me. I also lined up, so I almost took 300 pounds (136 kg). It has been an opportunity to combine diet and exercise programs, and so far, we are sincerely enjoying ‘healthy’. Overall, it’s really rough, but it’s fun for four and a half years, and now I’m looking forward to talking with many players again.

Q. Since 2019, I heard that the fan Derick was developing a game using Marvel IP from 2019. When did Deer for Marvel Snap be embodied?

Shortly after starting the company, I got an original idea. Of course, I wanted to try some other games from before, but in the end it was the most fun game made with the idea I thought. The game became Marvel Snap.

Q. At the same time, I had no choice but to meet the fan Demi. I think there were a lot of difficulties inside the company, but I wonder how it was.

= Fantasy was a big trial for us who just started a new company. However, because the studio was completely cloud-based from the start, I found out that there was no big problem in game development. Of course, in the process, there was a step to find out how the work was the most ideal remote work, but as a result, the fan Derick believed that all members made them stronger.

▲ ‘Marvel Snap’ introduces Ben Broad directly
Q. The previously released trailer explained that it is a game that is easier than solitary. Can you briefly explain the basic gameplay of marvel snap?

= Let’s talk as simple as possible. There are three places in the game, and you need to win two of them to win. Each card has a ‘power’ figure, and the power sum of the cards in one position at the end of the game takes the region’s victory.

Q. In the collaboration process with Marvel, I wonder if there was an element of the game that I had to put in Marvel Snap. What was the most important part of Marvel, an IP holder?

Working with Marvel was always fun. The concept of working in the multibus is because it eventually brought us tremendous freedom. Summer vacation Dr. Opus? No problem at all, DJ conqueror King? There is no reason not! (Laughter)

Whenever we want to create an experience that only Marvel Snap can show, Marvel helped me to be unique. I think they really like to enjoy and explore diverse, great things that can happen in their multi-buses.

Q. The know-how gained by servicing Hearthstone for many years has helped us to develop this work. I am curious what I cared most about as I developed ‘Marvel Snap’.

= Card games can be a really demanding genre at any time. It is easy to add the depth of the game by adding complex rules, but it is much more difficult to make something in-depth combinations or rules while relieving something. Since the beginning of the development, I have really been worried about this, and I have spent the most time.

I spent a lot of time to find a way to make the concept of collecting cards, after internally creating a gameplay we love. Of course, it’s also a great way for the game to see and makes you feel better. I have spent a lot of time to show a wonderful, gorgeous and speedy visual effect.

Q. In fact, I could see that I had a lot of efforts to look at the cards. If you look at it, you have a desire to collect cards. How can you collect cards in ‘Marvel Snap’? I wonder how the approximate BM is in mind.

= First, unlike other card games, we will not sell ‘booster packs’. The goods needed to upgrade the visuals of the card can be obtained by playing the game, and when you upgrade the visuals of many cards in this process, the ‘collection level’ will gradually increase. As the collection level rises, you can get a variety of rewards, including all the cards in the game. In short, it’s a form of playing games, upgrading the card, and unlocking a new card.

Of course, billing can make this speed faster, but it doesn’t make it possible indefinitely. There is a limited process of skipping using cash a day. We don’t want to skip at once at the last collection level. I hope you enjoy the game of the game where a new card is unlocked.

And it is also a characteristic of ‘Marvel Snap’ that everyone has placed the order in which the card is unlocked. Through this, I think people will have a different collection and compete with different decks.

Q. I said that I needed goods through gameplay to upgrade the card, but what is different about the upgraded card?

= Of course, upgrading the card means that their appearance changes more brilliantly. There is no change in the power or ability of the card.

Q. I am curious about the use of the ‘Cosmic Cube’, which is taken through each triumph or defeated. Can you tell me more details?

What is better than one cosmic cube? It’s all cosmic cubes on all dimensions of the multibus! All the battles of marvel snap are a few cosmic cubes, and the more cosmic cubes you have, the higher your rank.

Now, unlike other games that lose one star, mark, or ranking when you lose, ‘Marvel Snap’ can increase the number of cosmic cubes in the game while shouting ‘snap’ to the other person. If you or your opponent shouts the snap, the cube will be twice as much as the original hanging. At this time, you can give up the game and lose only one cube, or you can choose to fight with two cubes.

The psychological warfare based on the snap is designed to be a very important moment in the game. Even though the hand you have in your hand is very bad, you can shout the snap to make the other person leaving the game, in other words, to bluff (when your hand is not better than the other person, betting strongly for the purpose of keeping your opponent) It will be a chance.

Q. As the game itself is in the Marvel worldview, which is also in the background of the multibus, there is an endless possibility. I wonder how much the number of cards you can expect at the time of launch and what concept will continue to continue in the future.

= The cards that can be collected and used at the time of launch have been prepared at least 150 species. And if you include a deformation card that makes the card only changes, there are more than 1,000 collection elements waiting for you. We have prepared a unique art style, a different costume, and a great version of the variant, so you can meet your beloved Marvel character.

** Q. I think it is important to express your personality as much as collecting cards. For example, ‘Hearthstone’