Color Bus, 3D Design Open Platform Operator Carpen Street and MOU

Color Bus (CEO Lee Byung-soo) announced on the 18th that it has signed a business agreement with Carpet Street (CEO Lee Mining) to expand the scope of 3D design source.


Color buses will be provided with 3D design sources built by Carpet Street through this partnership, and use it as a resource for various meths environments, and will be used based on the 3D creative ecosystem and design environment for the next generation meta bus to be introduced in 2023. It is a policy.

Carpet Street also provided a stepping stone to expand the business area to the meta bus by providing its own developed and designed high-quality 3D design source on color buses. In particular, the company plans to focus on informing both companies’ intellectual property rights by sharing technology and insights using 3D design sources.

Lee Mining, CEO of Carpet Street, said, We have signed this partnership with the hope that more users will experience the 3D model of the Carmen Street. I hope synergy effect will happen with the maximized meths technology.

Lee Byung-soo, CEO of Color Bus, explains, We expect a new electricity to expand the use of 3D models through collaboration with Carpet Street. It is expected to meet various 3D graphic resources to be provided and create a more colorful and wonderful space.