A Plague Tale: Requiem – Stealth

In this stealth guide to a plague tale: Requiem you can find out:

  • How to hide from soldiers
  • With which you are distracted
  • How you avoid noise
  • How to protect yourself from rats

Protagonist Alicia is enforceable in A Plague Tale: Requiem, but not a superhuman fighting machine. In most confrontations, it is therefore important to keep calm and keep the head down. We give you the the best stealth tips for the action adventure.

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really hide: high grass, boxes and more

In most stealth passages from A Plague Tale: Requiem you can hide in a high grass . There you usually stay undetected, and you can think about your further procedure. However, there are moments when it can be dangerous there.

If a soldier comes too close to you, he can notice you in the high grass. If the guards are already frightened and suspect in the undergrowth, search it in a targeted manner or light grasses to look out.

In addition to high grass, there are also carts or tables that you can crawl under. Boxes and walls are also suitable as a hiding place. Always keep up or protect in the eye in the eye. They spot you through the raised perspective when you crouch behind a low wall.

sneak in a plague tale: Requiem-distraction is a trump card

A guard blocks the way, look around for ways to lure it away. In many areas Large tool boxes . Throw a stone on it and the sound attracts the guard. If there is no tool box nearby, Igniter or Extinguish throws. The sparks and the fog also attract wake up.

Accompanies Sophia, Prism uses. It concentrates the light of the sun on dry grass and thus coke it. The rising smoke attracts the guards and keeps them busy. However, the prism does not use the same soldier too often. After the second time he becomes restless, the third time he raises the alarm.

pay attention to the reactions of the guards

If you have lured a wake-up to a tool box or the like, stay there for a moment and look around before you return to your post. Listen well what you say. Shortly before you return , murmur sentences such as wrong alarm or I was probably wrong.. At the latest then you should be covered again quickly.

Caution of sounds: slingshot, vases and other sources of noise

If you want to stay unnoticed, crouch. Only then do you move completely silently . On the way, make sure that you do not break against clay jugs or branches and do not destroy boxes. All of these sources of noise scare the soldiers.

The killing of opponents is also not unnoticed. The slingshot is loud and attracts guards against the surrounding area. If you strangle a soldier behind it, Alicia also causes a lot of noise. Better to place the crossbow or the knife if it must be.

However, corpses do not remain unseen. If there is a dead soldier on the way a patrol, he will recognize it and to approach the lifeless body . You have a short time before the body is identified as such. Then the alarm sounds and all the guards search the area.

How to escape the rats in a plague tale: Requiem

In addition to human opponents, you stand in a plague tale: Requiem in particular rats in the way. Always keep in your presence in the light circle of a source of fire , otherwise you will eat you immediately. You can ignite glowing lanterns or fire baskets with a load.

Take a look for stock bundles. If you hold them in the fire, you have a little torch. Sticks burn and are only useful for a short time. It is similar with straw bundles. Aching on your igniter on it, briefly burning like a tinder. However, the fire does not last long.

If you wear tar and a pot with you, throw it into the rats and hurl it. A violent flame is also created here, but it is only short-lived. You can also use Igniter with the crossbow. If you see a boar wall with white color, fires an igniter bolt on it. This creates a permanent light source.

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