Video release, which is considered to be pilot version of the phantom anime Kingdom Hearts -works that have died due to differences in the interpretation of the story

Seth Presley, a story artist of the movie Pets and Sing/Sing, has released the animation version King Dam Hearts pilot video ** animation version King Dam Hearts.

In 2013, Presley performed a backstory that had a plan to produce the Kingdom Hearts animation version on the art share site Deviant art. In the explanation posted at that time, he was hired by Disney Television Animation when the first Kingdom Hearts was released, but was assigned to the production and supervision of this animation, but did not see the day. It is told.

In 2015, this animation was revealed that the reason for dying was the interpretation of the story was very different from Kingdom Hearts, but the pilot video is Presley’s YouTube. It was released on the channel. The video starts with a narration that explains the stage settings, and not only Sort, Roku and Kara, which is familiar in the original, but also Disney Villein such as Maleficent and Gaffer has appeared, but although it is not an animation, the story with voice actors is the story. You can check it.

According to an interview with an overseas media Inverse, Presley had an accident while driving a car in January, and his view of life changed, and he thought, I don’t want to regret at all. He decided to upload. The video has already exceeded 250,000 playbacks, and he described this animation as the fans were very positive and said that this animation was recognized after 20 years.

Since the Square Enix and Disney formula do not mention this case, it is not possible to confirm that this animation or its background was true, but Presley suggested the former boss to redo this animation in 2017. It is said on Twitter that you are there.