Wemade, Mix Coin Conversion Method before launching the mainnet

Prior to the launch of the blockchain main net “ WEMIX3.0 ”, Weeded informed the method of transforming the existing ‘Remix token’ into a new ‘Remix Coin’.

On the 20th, when the Remix 3.0 Main net is in operation, we will be issued a new issue. Existing Remix Token is divided into ‘Remix Classic’. The existing ‘Remix Wallet’ changed its service by changing it to ‘Play Wallet’ on the 14th. We also plan to provide a new Remix Wallet based on Remix 3.0. We can use various Weix.fi and Nile, such as WeMix.fi, and Nile.

Remix Classic can be replaced with WIMAX coins through three ways: external exchanges, multichain services, and play bridge services.

First, the exchanges listed with the Remix Classic are the task of converting it to We Coin. The schedule will be announced by exchange.

The second is to connect the multichain service that supports multiple blockchain and the Remix Wallet. How to use the service will be announced separately after launching the main net.

Play bridge service is available at Play Wallet (formerly Mix Wallet). Remade has the advantage that the fee is low to provide direct services. The method of use will be announced by starting the service.

Details of this announcement can be found in the official medium and community.