Var-break in Frankfurt: Willenborg gets no pictures

It was currently 3-1 for the SGE when Solo Mani transferred to the penalty location again for the hosts in the 68th min as well as brought down by Leverkusen’s Piero Hippie.
Initially the game continued, then the video clip referee Robert Schröder reported and drew focus to Wallenberg in the area on a foul.
The DFB umpire announced via Twitter why the 43-year-old then picked a penalty without taking a look at the photos.

Because of a technological trouble, the referee could not be provided to the referee, which is why there was no On-Field evaluation, said the message.
Bayer’s Hippie then flew off the square with his second yellow card, Frankfurt got the penalty and also Dacha Ramada converted to the 4-1 intermediate stand.

Quickly before completion, ex-Bayer Lucas Alaric scored the 5-1 last score.