Twitch rivals: Mexican streamer duodedos triumphs in the Pokemon Unite edition

One of the most striking entertainment events for the streamer community is twitch rivals that throughout the year performs different activities and competitions where there are accumulated awards bags that are distributed among the Top players of the tournament, if we talk about Many tickets at stake, yesterday the pokémon unite edition was held where several content creators fought for $25,000.

With 8 teams that fight to reach the Grand Final to obtain the maximum prize we saw great clashes, each of the squads were led by streamers such as Lunar, Gorilanerd, Swaggrron333, Waverers, DSL, Diodes, Elon_ and Okamivicoria who took out To shine their best skills during the competition but only two of them could reach the final phase.

All or nothing in a better five

After epic fighting the diodes team faces the DSLN team in the grand final, defeating their opposites could reach this point of the event, in the first game we saw May with a normal that made A great control of the scenario that helped them to punish the opponents to be able to give the first victory to the DSL team during the last phase.

For the second game Pipeline I would do a great sodium handling to get important casualties inside the fighting to help the diodes team to be able to punish the rivals in a very good way, but the game would be for Silesia that With his Mr. Mime, he gave great support to his teammates managing to tie the series and leaving the things new couples for both squads.

During the third contest we see that the diodes team takes the same composition of the last game, if it worked one can work twice, because the domain of the battlefield is put in favor of the Mexican streamer that begins to be relevant Together with his teammates to be able to leave things in his favor taking the lead in the competition.

In the fourth stage things were very couples because neither team wanted I would give them enough strength to be able to score a lot of points that would give them the victory to tie the series.

With just one game to define everything, both teams were ready to leave until the last breath in combat, in a game that had great pressure the diodes team could get ahead to have the rivals against the wall and little by getting strength to write down the points that would fall to their opposite in order to take the last victory that the maximum prize is awarded.

After 5 very intense games the Mexican team is crowned as a champion of this edition of Twitch Rivals, I’ve been playing 7 days, never in my life I had played Pokémon, my colleagues were very friendly and supported me to improve, he said Diodes , with this we see that perseverance has its fruits with a motto of being the best, better than anyone else and a fat award that goes to the bag of his squad, looking forward to the next edition of this event.