Who is Billy Butcherson in Hocus Pocus 2?

The new movie Focus Focus presents several known faces, including Doug Jones like Billy Butcher son. Although he is dead in the film, his character still has an impact on history. Here is everything you need to know about Who is Billy Butcher son in Focus Focus 2 .

WARNING: They will follow Focus Focus 2 spoilers.


Explanation of Billy Butcher son in Focus Focus 2

Billy Butcher son is a normal Salem resident who lives just before the Sanderson sisters became witches. Winifred does well, and they even kiss once, but he hates witches as much as any other person in Salem and never joins the sisters. They resurrect him from the dead and bury him again in the original Focus focus, so he emerges from the earth when the Witches fan Gilbert begins to dig his tomb.

Gilbert convinces Billy to help him find the ingredients for a spell by lying the non-military about the purpose of the spell. Billy follows Gilbert by Salem collecting ingredients, including a petrified spider he won in a carnival game. Unfortunately for Billy, one of the ingredients is his head, and Gilbert starts it without contemplation. The curse that encouraged his body disappears at the end of the film and finally allows him to rest in peace.

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