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How to get through the autumn crisis in the event Ballads and beer in Genshin Impact

The autumn crisis is one of the four events that you can enjoy at the Genshin Impact of Ballads and Brews event dedicated to WeinlesEfest, one of the most important holidays of Ronstadt. The event takes place from September 29 , 2022 K October 17 , 2022 At the same time, you can exchange awards of festive fever until October 24, , 2022 .

In the test Autumn Crisis, you need to help another desperate student of the Amur ts from a duel named Arab, who wants to write about the existence of snow wild boars.

How to unlock the test Autumn Crisis in the event Ballads and beer in Genshin Impact

To unlock the autumn crisis, you must first perform the first quest of the event called sounds from afar. As soon as this is done, you automatically unlock the quest of events called Secret Forest Shadow Where you should talk with Arab in Springtail. After dialogue with Arab and Edmund, you will unlock the autumn crisis.

This test is divided into three parts: exile, capture and eradication. They openly open throughout the entire period of the event, and you can get access to them and get awards by switching to details of the event Section of the Event menu.

How to Pass Autumn Crisis: Expulsion in the event of Ballads and Brews in Genshin Impact

In Autumn Crisis: Expulsion, you need to attack as many forest wild boars, piglets and snow wild boars to score glasses. Your goal is to accumulate 2000 points in two minutes to get all Prime awards. Each type of wild boar will bring you the following number of points:

Forest pig *: 50 points
Forest boar : 100 points
Snowboard : 300 points

During the test, you can use only regular traveler attack therefore you will need the help of Buffs to defeat stronger wild boars.

You can choose a buff called the hunter’s shield , a small yellow ball on the ground. When the buff is active, you can damage forest boars and snow wild boars and restore your endurance. Meanwhile, traps will be regularly produced by small cars on the territory to expel forest wild boars, but they are ineffective against snow wild boars.

How to go through Autumn Crisis: Capture in the event of Ballads and Brews in Genshin Impact


After completing the Exile test, go to the events’ menu to start capture call. This will cause a new quest of events called agricultural fugitives , where you need to talk with Walter and Arab in the Dawn winery. You need to perform Capture Challenge once to complete the quest.

Autumn crisis: Capture Challenge has a seven-minute time limit , where you should catch a total of 15 animals. To get all Prime awards, you must catch all four different animals in addition to completing the test. Barrow foxes and also Forest boars are often on the field, white pigeons usually lie on stones and scarlet ducks * are in the water.

Capture mechanics are quite simple and similar to how OMNI-IBIQUTY NET works. You can only catch animals in selected areas on a mini-card . As soon as you notice the animal, Keep Elemental Skill button to aim, and release this to capture the target. Be careful, as the animals are very vigilant and run away or attack you if you come too close-avoid this, making sure that the red strip over their heads does not turn into a full circle.

Around the field there are chimneys that you can activate to reduce animal visibility, which will make it difficult to detect you.

How to go through Autumn Crisis: Uproot in the event of Ballads and Brews in Genshin Impact

This test will open on October 4-we will update this post with instructions as soon as it comes out.

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