WoW Wotlk Classic: lines prior to the launch – you can no more jump on a web server in time

If you desire to start on the release of Wrath of the Rich King at 0:00 a.m., you will no more can be found in time, also if you are visiting, over a hr prior to the expansion is launched.

In fact, Rage of the Rich King only starts at 0:00 a.m. German time, but there are currently massive lines in wow classic-also on German web servers. The rush is huge and will most likely still expand.


If your personality is on Venous, you have the opportunity to use one of Would Classic’s complimentary serveries as well as switch to a much less densely populated realm straight in the queue.

Can I still play? With our examinations it was feasible to go into all various other worlds and develop brand-new personalities. Due to the fact that they are too complete, this applies to all Germans and other European web servers that have not been shut in advance.

Where are there queues? The German server Venous is presently impacted by a queue of over 6,000 players (since 10:50 p.m.). According to the calculation, this represents a waiting time of 104 minutes, i.e. regarding 3 quarters.

We had actually currently created personalities on Overlook and also Razor fen throughout the test, the two biggest German realms to Venous. We can not say whether this has an influence on the cue.

_ Do you await the queue? Right here is the awesome trailer for development to shorten the waiting time-or make you extra uncomfortable, depending upon: _

thrill on Would result in queues prior to the launch

Nevertheless, this only puts on the bigger worlds. Smaller servers usually don’t have this problem. If you are fortunate and be allowed to log in quickly, you can take a trip to Borden and begin degree 80 with degrees.

Is it obtaining worse? In all chance, yes.

If there are not too lots of people on the roadway, you ought to be able to do pursuits rapidly. Tips for leveling and the new zones can be located below:

  • Beginning locations in WoW Would Standard: This is how you enter into the Korean expanse and also the howling fjord
  • Wow Would Standard: In which zone with which degree in Borden? Summary in the overview
  • WoW Would Classic: 5 degree suggestions to reach level 80 swiftly

At the current for the weekend you will most likely come in lines up, at the very least on the initial 2 weeks when you use big servers. Somehow that is likewise component of the sensation of Rage of the Rich King back then…

It remains to be seen whether the serveries assist to decrease the thrill to the poet, occupied. Most likely to couple of players modification and also as well several desires to dip into the very same time. Traditionally, the World of Warcraft servers are overwhelmed with every add-on release, so this time again anticipates waiting times.

Wow, Classic: Standard chief developers explain how discuss just how tough to create Would

In fact, Rage of the Rich King just begins at 0:00 a.m. German time, but there are already huge queues in wow classic-also on German servers. Where are there lines up? The German server Venous is presently impacted by a queue of over 6,000 gamers (as of 10:50 p.m.). Can I still play? ** With our tests it was feasible to get in all various other worlds as well as produce brand-new personalities.