Monhan Rise: Sunbrake Monsters and Hunters exist in the real world! Fierce people confronting the world of spectacular beast damage [Watching the world in games#29]

In the Monster Hunter series , players confront monsters as a full-fledged hunter with experience, but for ordinary people who do not have hunting skills, monsters are very dangerous to kill themselves. Some requests from the guilds seem to be more urgent, but if they are postponed depending on the hunter’s mood, they are not accumulated as a client.

In the real world, much damage, sometimes monsters that cause human casualties may appear. It is treated in the category of beast damage , and the battle with the hunter who is a game is unfolded.

Speaking of beast damage in japan, bears are still bears. Most recently, an individual named OSO18 has been attacking more than 60 cows that have been grazed since 2019. It is said to be like a ninja, avoiding human fences and traps.

In this case, it was a reference to Sangebetsu Togo Incident in Hokkaido in 1915. The number of casualties was recorded up to seven, and became famous as a subject for novels. The terrible thing about this incident is that, unlike the fact that I happened to encounter humans, I was obviously attacked a private house to predate humans. For large carnivores, humans are only nutritious and easy to hunt prey. If you recognize that you can be targeted, you can’t help but actively aim.

In the Ainu world view, the bear is a mountain god called Simon Kazoo, but the bear who learned the taste of human meat is defeated as Wenkamui. There is also a rule that the meat should never be eaten even if it is killed, and bear beast damage has long been a serious threat.


Large carnivores in Japan are about bears, but in the world, there are a number of beast damage that can be called monsters. Not only the legendary Nevadan Beast, but also the most accurate records, some have hit the incredible number of more than 100 people, fearing residents as monsters that cannot be defeated. I did it.

In such a case, you may hire a great hunter and have it defeated. Around 1910, in India and Nepal, there were beasts that hit 400 people, including Annual Eating Leopard and Champagne Was People’s Eating Tiger . The army was unable to defeat what had moved, and asked a person named Jim Kobe to hunt. He hunts many beasts that harm beasts as a local hunter, and succeeded in hunting for each of them. He has also been promoting the protection of natural ecosystems, and its achievements are praised, and the name remains in the Jim Civet National Park.

In Japan, the anecdote of Hiroshi Okay, who witnessed the above-mentioned Sanjibetsu Takashi incident, and then became Manage, is famous. His father was the mayor who led the bear subjugation, and Spring Joshi went on the road of bear hunting as a revenge of the victims, following the incident that occurred at the age of six. He pledged to kill a total of 70 horses per victim, killing 100 by his retirement in 1977. Most of them are hunt alone without the support of others.

It is inevitable that this beast damage and the battle with hunters are inevitable, so I would like you to check only those who are prepared for details, but such a world like monster hunting is a real world. It exists.

As expected, even if it is not a monster class, in Japan, people and deaths due to bears come out every year. In such a case, what is the allowance?

Basically, a rifle is used for bears, but it seems quite difficult to hit the key point, and if you do not lose it in one shot, you may be counterattacked. It is a truly life-threatening job, but the local government is given a reward as a pest extermination. The amount is close to the municipality, but from 10,000 yen per bear to 50,000 yen. Most will be less than 30,000 yen.

In addition, except for the donation site for the research, the remaining meat and skin are sold, and the daily allowance for dispatch is a total income. However, it is necessary to have another license to sell meat as a gibber, and the demand for skin is decreasing, so it will not be possible to earn enough to be said to be safe for a while because of the bearded bear. 。 It is also described as a life volunteer because it is unlikely that a generous reward will be special because it is dangerous.

The problem of allowance for hunters was previously reported in the case of Nakamura, Hokkaido. In Shimamaki Village, we asked the Hunting Society to respond to the bears that appeared, but in 2018, the budget could not be paid due to the shrinking budget, and the hunter could not be dispatched. From the reduction of the budget for insurance money and the newcomer development to the full conflict with the parliament.

In the world of Monday, which hires hunters in the village, is made up of guilds that have been supported by the kingdom and other countries, but in reality there are no such large patrons, and everywhere is severe. For this reason, there are concerns that there will be no hunters with the skills to kill bears as they are.

The beasts who caused the beast damage did not start attacking humans for no reason, but lost their homes due to pioneering, etc., were shot by hunters and could not hunt regularly, and began to attack weak people. There are quite a few such human effects. Nile crocodile Gustave , which attacked more than 300 people in Rwanda, is also said to have learned the taste of humans because they ate the body flowing through the civil war.

In recent years, crows have been developing livestock in Japan, and new behaviors of animals have been born in the relationship with human society. What is hunting and why monsters rampage? It may be a good idea to think about this occasionally as a hunter who protects life and deprives life.