Diofield Chronicle tips and tips for beginners

Airfield Chronicle is a tactical and strategic role-playing game, the action of which takes place on the continent, obsessed with wars and conflicts.

You play for Andreas, whose work as the leader of the blue foxes-a group of mercenaries-is to conduct a group of well-trained fighters to fulfill such missions as the escort of allies, the destruction of enemies or the seizure of Adventists.

Despite the fact that this is a funny game, it will not lead you completely through its mechanics, but it is expected that you will study along the way. Therefore, many newcomers are faced with difficulties in studying the foundations and effective passage of the game.

If you have such difficulties, then do not despair! As in this guide, we will consider some tips and recommendations for beginners in The Airfield Chronicle.

What should you know before plunging in The Airfield Chronicle

pump skills

You are faced with a skill tree quite early in the game, especially when you reach the headquarters of the Elm camp **. If you go to the camp institute or just open the menu in front of the mission, you can see a tree of skills there. This is a common mechanism that is often used in games to improve the skills you want.

A specific skill can be improved in various aspects; You can increase its effectiveness, reduce to reload time or make it use less EP (energy points).

Each skill will have one or more of these aspects associated with improvement, and you will cost your skills, so you need to be wise when making decisions. But even if you make a few mistakes along the way, it’s okay, because the game has a mechanism that allows you to drop all your intrastate improvements.

The skills can be earned mainly by performing the main missions or side quests calculated during the time. In addition, you can also earn skills, performing a mission- do not let the allies fall in battle .
In addition, you can also increase the rank of your tree skills to unlock even more skills for your characters.

attack from the back

An important tactic that you may not have learned during the game is as often as possible to attack the enemies from behind. This is due to the fact that the attack of enemies from behind or an attack on them from an ambush causes significantly greater damage to enemies compared to attacks in front.


Please note that it works in both directions, so you need to be careful so that your enemies do not prevail!

erase and destroy your enemies

In fact, we do not recognize this, but often the strongest trump card, which we throw in extreme cases, runs away. But not with The Airfield Chronicle, we do not.

The characters in this game cannot move quickly enough to escape from enemies skills, so for this we need an alternative solution.

What you can do in this situation is to repulse skills that stun or freeze your enemies and temporarily block their skills. In such a situation, skills such as Frost bind Wally and Bind Pillar will come in handy, where the first freezes opponents, and the second brings them up for a short time.

Remember that these skills can require a significant amount of EP, so you can save on it for the future.

Use your access point wisely

Players often experience a desire to immediately spend each point received, whether it is skills or glasses of abilities. However, in the long run, this is not the best tactics. Some of the best abilities in The Airfield Chronicle often open later in the game and are quite expensive. Thus, it would be reasonable to set an access point in the case when you really need it.

Tactical checkpoints

In many cases, we do not develop the best strategy for a specific situation. If you often have problems with choosing the best approach to battle, you have nothing to worry about, because the fighting magazine will support you.

If you want to repeat an attempt by a particular battle or siege that did not go so well, you can open the Battle Journal by pressing ZR and R2 to choose a certain previous control point to rewind the time measurement itself and try to start the battle/siege again using the best strategy.

This is a pretty good tactic to try to fight again and again, since it does not require any costs and has no restriction on the number of attempts!

Check weapons skills before buying them

The weapon in The Airfield Chronicle is in most of the case inaccessible. Along with this, we must also consider that not all of them have the same skills. That’s why you need to be careful to check the skills that you want when buying a certain weapon.

If you take the weapon of Belgian for example, you will notice that some of them do not have a healing skill, and if you rely on Catalina to treat your allies, you cannot do this if you do not have a suitable weapon.

Buy equipment wisely

Especially in the early stages of the game, most of the equipment is not so available. With this in mind, you should know that perhaps you will not be able to equip all your characters with the best improvised equipment.

Therefore, you need to find a way to maximize what you have. You can do this by carefully examining each part of the equipment and having bought first only those that hide the weaknesses of your characters or help in their strengths.

You can do this by buying a good weapon for your main attackers, such as Andreas and good armor for characters with low protective characteristics, such as Fredre .

Save Bahamas for stronger enemies

We all feel the desire to call the omnipotent dragon in order to damage our enemies as soon as our TP scale is filled. Although this is not very good tactics.

The best option for really making Bahamas would be effective to save it for those cases when you really need it, for example, at the end of the battle, when stronger enemies appear or when you need to fight the boss.

This is because you can get rid of weaker enemies yourself without any problems, but if you use your dragon too early, it can be unavailable when you are in extreme cases.