Guide to prepare for the birthday tears of Femis wines

Richter’s birthday is September 27, and there is no better way to start celebration than to start preparing for his sweet surprise in a week. The event Preparation for the birthday of wine begins with from September 19, 2022, to September 22, 2022 , and includes the implementation of a number of tasks in exchange for awards. From from September 19, 2022, to September 24, 2022 you can also take part in the re-issue of last year’s Bay Birthday with the participation of the Loving Harmony event, Shadow of Themes.

How to go through the event Preparing for the birthday of wines in Tears of Themes

Go to events and select Preparation for the birthday below. You need to complete a number of daily and event tasks in order to obtain the value of inspiration. You can distinguish between daily tasks and tasks of the event by checking the timer next to the course of the task that shows how much time you have before it disappears. Every day, new daily tasks appear, so do not forget to go to the Inspiration Value farm.

Having reached the control points The value of inspiration, you can apply for awards, starting from materials to increase the level of VAN skill, materials for improving maps and S-chips. You should manually request awards at the top of the screen-circled in the image above. Do not forget to pick them up until the end of the event.

how it works to repeat a banner for a birthday wines in the tears of Themes

From September 19, 2022, to September 24, 2022, you can get the birthday of wine in 2021 SSR Loving Harmony. It works for a shorter period than most banners, and pity is not transferred from banners to the birthday of Artem and Marks in 2022. There are three recommended SSR’s in this rotation, but you will always receive an SSR event with 100 times:

  • Take the SSR Star in the Night (rating)
  • SSR wines Near and District
  • Remove the SSR Medieval Aspens


Each jerk will bring you X1 trace of tears that can be used to exchange for objects in the exchange store. Keep in mind that Birthday to be taken out in 2022, SSR shackles of the past will be in the next rotation of Shadow of Themes. . If you have accumulated enough for only one card, you may have to choose between two.

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