LOL: A failure of Riot Games? Dr. Mundo receives great changes just a year after his reown

One of the last reworks that has reached League of Legends prepares to receive complete changes to his skills. THE RELAXATION OF DR. World took place in patch 11.12 that was introduced into the game just over a year ago. However, the effectiveness of the champion’s renewed version has been questioned over the last months. It is not that the character is not able to pay up, especially in the lowest ranges of the game, but that barely arouses interest on the part of the community .

Riot Games prepares a great update for Dr. Munro

Fortunately, League of Legends developers will not miss the situation. After the original complaint of a player, an employee of the company surprised the community of Dr. Munro fans ensuring that the update process had already begun. In fact and although the update is not yet planned to be included in the game (as will soon in 12.19). I have a lot of work with the new Darwin champion that will be finished very soon. Then I can start trying these changes we are talking about, explained Riot Games employee.

Regarding the modifications that riot investigates, they are the following…


The goal of Riot Games with these changes is to satisfy once and for all the players of Dr. Munro who have seen as a Rework with good pint stays halfway. It is true that League of Legends developers were able to keep their identity intact. However, on the way some mechanics introduced that have not been too fun for the bulk of the players. Fortunately, it seems that everything could change very soon.