How to catch an alligator in Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

Final Fantasy is adventure and dangerous battles. But even heroes sometimes need rest. Enter the island sanctuary where you can enjoy the landscapes, grow plants and NBA 2K create objects, and also enjoy the search for new creatures for driving. A colossal alligator is one of the most interesting animals, but it is difficult to find. Here’s how to catch this beast in Island Sanctuary in FFI!

How to find and catch an alligator in Island Sanctuary

You need to prepare well if you want to catch an alligator, as it is a huge and strong animal. In order to do this, you must reach the 8th rank on the island Sanctuary and go to the coordinate X: 17, Y: 24. It is here that the creature will appear when the time and weather conditions will be suitable.

Conditions for the Alligator fishing in FFI

  • When you hunt, you must think about the location. You will need hunting from 8 to 9 in the morning (Korean Time) to catch an alligator on the island, asylum in the Final Fantasy XIV. In addition, you will need to get a little wet, since it should be stormy weather for the appearance of this animal.

objects necessary for the capture of an alligator in Island Sanctuary

Since the Alligator is a large animal, you need to create a home-made sleeping pill owl . To do this, you need to collect one island juice, two island algae and two objects of island jellyfish *.


How to catch an alligator in ff xiv

If you fulfilled all the conditions and are in the right place (by the stream), an alligator will appear. It is not dangerous, but to catch an alligator in Island Sanctuary, you need to approach him from behind. Thus, he will not be able to avoid your trap. And on this all, congratulations, you have become the happy owner of an alligator! A behaved good, and he will not eat either you or your other creatures.

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