Summoners War

[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] Persona -like new hard -boiled RPG Soul Hackers 2 has a hot interaction with friends!

This time, the PlayStation 5 version of Soul Hackers 2 ** given by Atlas. This work is a new hard-boiled RPG in which apple, which is beyond human knowledge, fights with Aron and other Devil Summoners to prevent the end of the world.

And it will be the latest in the series that continues from Shin Megami Reincarnation Devil Summoner. Except for the remake work, it has been since Devil Summoner Buddha Video vs Abandon King released in 2008!

Actually, the previous work, Devil Summoner, has never played, but has not been played yet. Actually, I wanted to play from 1 earlier… but if you play at the same time, it will be a solution!

No, it’s impossible…

Cyberpunk beautiful girl Apple prevents the end of the world!

A little ahead of the future, the world was in danger of collapse. The apple and figs of ION beyond human knowledge know the existence of humans necessary to avoid the end.

One is Cairo Honda, a global computer engineer. The other is Devil Summoner Aron, who follows the paranormal power devil. They are destined to die soon, and the purpose of the apples is to prevent them.

Unfortunately, the figure does not become a party member and seems to support information support. It seems to have been created at the same time as the apple, but the figure looks and her sister-like.

She divided her with a figure and headed to the place where she was protected, but Cairo Honda had already been killed. If you don’t hurry, the other protection Are will be dangerous.

You have to act earlier as soon as possible. I’m always a type that doesn’t do anything to the last thing, so I feel close to me.

From here, you can operate the apple.

I noticed that it was operated, but the apple clothes are shiny like illuminations, just in the near future. It’s okay to have a cyber punk Ming!

I have a strange hairstyle like Mohawk, but the clothes I wear are simple, such as T-shirts and hoodies, and are far from fashion. Good! Me too……!

It’s an aunt in Osaka.

After arriving at the destination, Aron had already shot through the brain and was out of breath.

Maybe the fate of the world, this is the end! ?

Collect Nagasaki and pierce the weaknesses of the enemy!

Although it was a desperate Aron, it was successfully revived by the technique called soul hack of apple.

From now on, apple and allow will fight the Phantom Society, an organization aiming for the end of the world.

Immediately, a battle with the enemy Devil Summoner!

The battle system is turned on the enemy’s behavior after all the ally’s actions are over.

The basics of battle are the weakness attributes of the enemy.

I’m grateful if all enemies look like if they burn them, they will melt, but most enemies don’t know the weakness attributes just by looking. For that, I want all attributes attack methods.

For the time being, let’s try to explore weakness attributes by emitting attribute attacks that seem to work.

In a series such as Shin-Megami Tense and Persona, the number of actions will increase when the enemy’s weaknesses are poked, but in this work, the number of actions does not increase even if the weaknesses are pierced. Instead, after the end of the turn, Sadat, which summons the same Hakama as the number of weaknesses, and starts a total attack on the enemy, is activated.

Yeah, it’s full Rocco time!

In order to increase the number of friends, it is necessary to talk to the Hakama in the dungeon and have them introduce the devil.

You don’t negotiate with the devil during the battle like Shin Megami Tense and get along.

And after being introduced, we have to negotiate to make the devil a friend. What is required for negotiations is money, HP or MP.

I feel like a grandchild who is being squeezed by a grandmother, but is also an important negotiation.

Nevertheless, if you are required to be a beautiful devil in various ways, you can give it comfortably here. **

With , like an uncle who goes bankrupt by hooking a cabaret club…

And if you play a series such as Shin Megami Tense and Persona, it is a familiar element, Demon Union, which creates a new devil by combining two devils, and the role of using it in the past. Use the Devil All Book to call the Hakama to create a cute devil!

……… As my wallet gets lighter and lighter… it’s just before bankruptcy.

If you dive into a fellow dungeon, you will get more attached to the character!

Two friends joined and became full members.

Full members will be saved from the beginning!

Said, a new friend, is a freelance Devil Summoner.

He is a fashionable, jagged tooth, dressed in white costumes, and his personality is a romantic and lovely.

Another friend, Mild, is also Devil Summoner. He belongs to another organization from Aron.

She is a Yankee-like older sister who seems to be strong! It’s my throat strike visuals! However, Mild has a rational and reasonable personality, contrary to her flashy appearance.

By the way, Said and Mile have died once, and have revived in Seoul Hack like allow.

In this work, in addition to regular dungeons, a dungeon called Soul Matrix appears.

In Soul Matrix, the space that reproduces the mental state of the character is expanding, and the deeper the search, the more you can know the past and inside your friends. In other words, it is an element of a substory prepared for each character.

However, going deeper is required to have a certain soul level.

By choosing the options attached to the other party, the bond with the character deepens and the soul level increases.

I’m my favorite among the four members, so if you notice, only her soul level will go up.

In addition, I will raise the soul level of Milled! I want to say, but when I proceed with the game, I start to feel attachment to apples, allow, and Said.

This must be evenly raised to advance the substory for everyone!

In the BAR Haze Rune on the new approach, there is a personal event where you can talk with your friends and talk about alcohol, and you can raise your fellow soul level.

It’s okay to have a conversation that can only be heard in the liquor seat…

If the soul level of each friend exceeds a certain level, you can learn Bananas skills that have the effects of enhancing status and experience bonuses.

The bonds are deepened, and the abilities can be strengthened, so it’s two birds with one stone!

Yes, the charm of the character is drawn not only in the story but also in the battle. During the battle, conversations between characters, such as Is that okay?, Is it a bet…, and I don’t know if it works?

Although it is not always helpful in the capture, these factors are personally happy!

I bought a swimsuit DLC… but there are some dissatisfaction

This work includes DLC, which adds devils, scenarios, costumes, etc. I don’t usually buy LCS that change the appearance of costumes, etc., but now I have been captivated by Milled, I have purchased a DLC for swimsuit costumes.

Yeah, inadvertently. Nicaea…

Unfortunately, changing costumes is reflected only during the battle. Normally, it is still the default costume.

Well, I’m sure the apple will change into a swimsuit when the battle starts.

Is it a change of clothes RTA recording holder! ?

As a difficulty, select normal in Easy Normal Hard. I was able to clear it in about 35 hours without clogging. Besides Soul Matrix us, there are some obvious subquests, but I didn’t go there. I think it will take a little more time if you play all elements.

I felt attractive to the character so that I bought a costume DLC that I do not usually buy. However, there were some dissatisfaction in the game part, such as poor operability in parts that operate characters other than apples, too wide dungeons and gimmicks. For better or worse, I got the impression of a classic JRPG.

Compared to the previous series, the light atmosphere like the Persona series was stronger. I think that it is easier for people who have not played in the series, including the difficulty level.

Soul Hackers 2 is on sale for PC/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One.