: new brief test layout provided

However, we achieve a growing number of queries from publishers, huge as well as tiny programmers every day, whose video games are worth greater attention. In order to justify this massive rush, we want to present you- along with our in-depth tests -a brand-new format: brief tests.

Brief tests must give you an impression of a game. In these examination posts, we as a result briefly introduce you to the respective video game and its functions, including the action. You will obtain a summarized introduction of the core gameplay, the fun aspect and the material so that you can much better classify for you whether the title is rewarding.

With the short tests, we would certainly like to play smaller (indie) games that are much less seen due to their complexity or extent. We expect checking out our new style diligently to discover one or the other undiscovered pearl with us.

In the short tests, we will just take care of one of the most essential points that stand apart when we play. In our thorough tests on AAA games as well as sought-after indie pearls, certainly, we remain to go into a lot even more detail as common.

Video gaming is no much longer a particular niche product. There are now video games like sand by the sea-and various new, amazing ready your favorite console appear on a daily basis. We have actually been providing you with extensive tests for over 19 years to make sure that you can develop a perception of the game landscape on your favored console.