Fresh Meat! Diablo and Burger King collaboration burger tasting a beautiful girl Its like being burned

Nowadays, the heat of summer has passed, and the sign of autumn is approaching. Speaking of autumn, Moonmi (fifteen night) looks at the beautiful moon in the night sky. I’ve had a custom of eating dumplings for a long time, but why not eat a dry hamburger that makes you feel the breath of the devil of hell, not a dumpling?

As a limited-time menu from September 9 to September 29, the Diablo Garlic Double Cheeseburger, which collaborated with the smartphone game Diablo’s Immortal, will be released on the first food hamburger chain Burger King nationwide.

In addition, to commemorate the limited menu, the Akihabara store will release a Diablo specification room with the motif of the kitchen of the character Butcher of the Diablo Import character during the sales period until September 29. Earlier, the media-only tasting party was held at the Akihabara store, so I went with a gourmet cosplayer / fashion model, Mashiro Fure.

Defeat the old devil! Diabloy Mortal

ACTIVISION BLIZZARD JAPAN Co., Ltd. Diabloy Mortal is a mobile/PC MMO ARPG for mobile/PC that can enjoy the highest action RPG. In this work, you can enjoy beautiful graphics, online play that can be enjoyed for a long time, new world, legendary item drop, and hack and slash action unique to the Diablo series.

In this work, the story that connects between Diablo II and Diablo III in the Diablo series that has been in 1996 will be revealed. Of course, even if you have never played the series, you can enjoy it with one person or other players, and you can experience a compromise without a compromise that implements all the functions of the AAA class.

Forbidden spicy garlic, advent. DIABLO GARLIC DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER

Speaking of burger king from the United States established in 1954, large wapper and patties are impressive. The collaboration burger Diablo Garlic Double CHEESEBURGER also uses two 100 % beef patties of burger king, a deviled spicy garlic flake and a special spicy sauce. The exciting spicy and appetite aroma are outstanding to eat.

The thickness of the patties and the melting condition of the cheese, the garlic flakes between them are appetite and spicy.

During the sales period, the Diablo specification room on the B1 floor, which has up to 20 seats, reproduces the stage of the devil Butcher. The rock surface reminiscent of a dim space, the floor, the table, and chairs are the mesh that reproduces the state where the butcher is burned. In addition, butcher’s stage BGM is also flowing, so combined with the face of the butcher drawn on the glaring wall, it seems that you are eating a hamburger or burned and can be eaten in the future.

DIABLO GARLIC DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER is based on a double cheese burger that is popular in burger king, and you can enjoy spicy spicy spicy, adding pepper as a decisive factor in spiciness.

Anyway, the volumey should be conveyed from two-thirds of the size of the face of Makirasu’s Furu-san… The size looks like a bug.

Even the gourmet Makurasu Furu was a size that could not be squeezed at a glance. In fact, it is a volume that even men are full, so it is recommended for women to bring back their food without overdoing them or share them with friends.

The collaboration burger buyer gets an original wet tissue, so I wiped my hand with this.

  • Both DIABLO GARLIC DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER and original wet tissue are limited in quantity, and sold out as soon as they are sold out.

Gourmet Makirasu Furu-san, how was the taste?

――Wh you like spicy things, how was the taste?

Makiri Susumu: Even though I like spicy things, it was so solid that my voice leaked out. The body warms while eating, and the interior concept of the shop makes it feel like it’s burned by Butcher (laughs).

-The amount was volumy.

Makiri Fureau: Not only spicy, but spicy sauce, spicy spicy flakes, crispy feeling, salty cheese and aroma height of cheese, and one item that can be enjoyed without getting tired until the end. was.

— Did you have a presence as a hamburger alone?

Makirosu Fure: This hamburger is a collaboration menu of Diablimoral, but I would like you to eat not only fans of the game but also those who like spicy foods.

Japan’s first attempt collaboration burger

Regarding this collaboration, Burger King seems to have a lot of gamers who use take-out and home delivery, and B-Caaga Pan Holdings Marketing Department, Senior Brand Manager, which operates burger king in Japan, is also Burger King on SNS. He saw a post that he was playing game play while eating a wapper, and he felt the affinity with the gamer.

According to ACTIVISION BLIZZARD JAPAN Corporation representative, Makino Yumi, there have been regular collaborations overseas for the first time, and this time in Japan, including other titles in the future. It is said that it will focus on Japan, which is positioned as the world’s third largest game market.

Model: Makirusu Fure (@ros_rin1017)

Costume provision: Epetice (@epetice)

Shooting: Aki Nogi (@osefly)