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How to get muten coins quickly in Madden 23

EA Sports has become synonymous with Ultimate Team over the years, and its last installment of the long-lasting football franchise does not deviate from that. However, the old question raises: How can players get mutat coins quickly in Madden 23? Fortunately for you, that is what this guide is here to answer.

Madden 23 guide to get mut coins quickly

Like the Ultimate Team mode in the FIFA franchise, the coins are the king and the currency in Mut. That said, getting them can be a routine. Thirst You want to acquire fast mut coins in Madden 23 , there are several ways to do so that they do not need to spend real money at points. We’ll see.


Image Source: EA Sports through coins quickly

At the most basic level, playing in different game modes will often win coins. Taking advantage of challenges is one of the ways to win them quickly. Weekly aggregate, with different re-unlock rewards and objectives to complete, the more difficult (or biggest) the challenge is, the better the reward, ideally. With a difficulty that is easy to difficult, players can win up to 300 coins to complete each level.

level up through the field pass

Field Pass is a new MUT progression system that brings with it challenges in the season, theme rewards and new unique game objectives in each step of the road. While Season Field Pass requires XP for the player to progress, one progresses simply playing the game. Throughout each level of progression, there is a reward, sometimes 10,000 coins at the same time. However, when a player does not receive coins to progress, he is very likely to unlock individual packages or letters. And in some cases…


Auction or fast sale cards

Image Source: EA Sports through coins quickly

Look, we are talking about Ultimate Team here, you are not always found gold (or red, in this case) with a player taken from a package, reward, etc. But when it does, it is important to attack while iron is hot, either by a quick sale or a player’s auction.

Usually, very little would be sold when selecting the quick sales option. If something did with the Nick Chubb card above, they would only get 2100 coins at the time of this screenshot. However, if a player decides to auction it, his chances of getting a lot of coins increase a lot.

With an auction, a player can choose the card price range that he wants to sell according to what is shown at the bottom of the screen. From there, they can choose to open the auction for up to 24 hours. However, if recent sales of a particular letter seem to be at the upper end, and the top letter certainly reflects it, the shorter the auction is, the faster and more beneficial it can be for the player.

Daily bonds

Another useful trick is simply log in to Mut every day, even if you can’t play. While not every day they promise coins, they promise a reward simply for jumping to Ultimate Team. Combining that with other previous options is a good way for players to get the greatest performance for their money.

Win muten coins quickly in Madden 23

As you can see, there are a handful of different ways so that players get mut quick coins in Madden 23 . Although it will undoubtedly become a routine in a short time, be sure to take these factors into account when embarking on your Ultimate Team trip. And don’t let the fun stop there! If you are looking for more tips, be sure to consult the links below. You will also find guides on how to play, what style to choose and how to launch each pass that Madden offers 23.

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