Final Fantasy XIV

All new Triple Triad cards in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 and how to get them

In the Patche of 6.2 Final Fantasy XIV, half a dozen of new Triple Triad cards was added to the game. Although this is a small number, the fact that you need to go through several raids to get all six cards means that you may take some time to fulfill the requirements. Here are all new Triple Triad cards in the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 and ways to obtain them.

cards of the triple triad FFXIV 6.2

Below are all the names of the cards and methods of unlocking them. Caution, on these maps there are patch spoilers 6.2.

Chef Kayvord Lahabasta *-acquired for 200 two-tone precious stones in Eplis.
Barberry -falls out of Tial Storm’s Crown (ordinary) and (extreme)
Scarmillion -Bought 40,000 mgp
Byregot *-Bought 24 800 mgp
Beatrice -falls out of the fallen courtyard of Troy.
Hephaest -Pandemonium: Abyss: Eighth Circle (ordinary) and (wild)

Keep in mind that for each of these cards you may need to advance to the appropriate point either in MSQ or in RAID Progress to appear with your sellers. If the card does not appear, make sure that you have completed the appropriate content 6.2, and repeat the attempt.

In addition, cards are not guaranteed rejection of any duty. Instead, there is only a small percentage chance that they will appear. You will also have to take a throw against any other players who may want to get this card. Good luck at the end of your Triple Triad collection!

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