The best divine inspiration opens in the cult of the lamb

Divine inspiration is an unlock that you receive through devotion. Some of them are jewelry, but many have advantages, such as the production of resources, agriculture, concealment of dead bodies and much more. Here are some of the best unlocks that you can get in the game.

all divine inspiration opens in the cult of the lamb

The best unlocks

Sleeping bags

  • Sleeping bags are necessary not only to maintain the loyalty of your follower, but also because they are the main condition for a large number of other unlocks of divine inspiration. If you want to create a shelter, medical bay or prison, you must first have sleeping bags. Sleeping bags also guarantee that your followers will have a place to relax when they will inevitably get sick.

Farm Party

  • Gathering is a good way to get food, but this will not be enough, since the number of your followers is growing. The construction of farm plots guarantees that you can constantly grow seeds, which is useful for both agriculture and to perform quests, such as mushroom-mental mental mental income adventure.

Waste-treatment plant

  • Cleaning plant is another unlocked object that will come in handy at the later stages of the game. For some items, more advanced building materials are required, such as wooden boards or stone bricks which can be created only using Refinery.


  • Although this is not necessarily for the survival of your followers, it is worth unlocking the outblock as soon as possible. You can still collect fertilizer in the restroom, but your satellites will no longer receive negative effects when they face poop during the day.


Scarecrow is an excellent unlock not only because it protects your seeds, but also because it can be improved to a scarecrow * that catches birds, which otherwise stole your seeds. Then you can use birds for meat, which, in combination with your crop, gives you twice as many food resources.


Circle Calling Demons

  • As the Crusades passes, the levels become more complicated. The circle of demon’s call is useful here. Using a call circle, you can take possession of the follower (or two, if you improved the circle) with the spirit of the demon. This follower will accompany you on the Crusades and help destroy the enemies.

how to unlock divine inspiration in the cult of the lamb

You discover divine inspiration, collecting devotion from your temple . In the upper part of the screen there is a strip of progress, which is filled with devotion. As soon as it is filled to the top, you will open the point of divine inspiration. Then you will be invited to choose which subject you want to unlock.

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