Xbox Phil Spencer CEO Console exclusive game, it will get less and less

Console monopoly games will be harder to see.

MS XBOX CEO Phil Spencer made a prospect for console exclusive games while discussing the status of Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition process in an interview with Economic Journal Bloomberg.


Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been announced, Spencer has often expressed opinions on industry’s monopoly practices. This is because the transition to the monopoly of the Call of Duty series has emerged as a concern for the industry colostrum.

It is one of the IPs with the largest number of players and sales in various gaming platforms, including PS. If Call of Duty becomes an Xbox monopoly, Sony will inevitably hit a big blow.

However, Phil Spencer has officially announced its intention to survive Call of Duty on the PS platform for a while. Furthermore, in this interview, he showed a meeting about the concept of console monopoly itself, and predicted that the concept of console monopoly would be more and more difficult.

This is because monopoly in cone is ultimately inconvenient for users. Spencer said, We want to reduce the inconvenience of users and make it possible to meet and play friends regardless of using the device. This is a good thing for the whole industry in the long run.

There are some people in the industry who have antipathy, but in the end he can agree with the advantages of the monopoly. Spencer said, From a short-term perspective, some industries can not be sweet to disappear monopoly. But once the industry can develop in the direction of the industry, it will be proved by the fact that the abolition of monopoly is beneficial.

As such, the Xbox has not completely abandoned the exclusive concept, but the Xbox has also completely abandoned the concept. For example, major games under Microsoft, such as Bethesda’s Starfield, are available in Xbox consoles and PC Windows, but they will not be released on PS.

However, several industrymen agree with the analysis that console monopoly practices are increasingly withdrawn from the trend. For example, in 2017, Sony’s former executive Phil Harrison said in a media interview that the production of monopoly first party title is becoming more and not reasonable.

This is because the price of game production has soared, making it difficult to cover this cost by selling on a single platform al1. Harrison said, The monopoly strategy is not meaningless. But in many cases, it doesn’t work well compared to the previous one.