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The creators of Shadow Hearts and Wild Arms announce two new JRPG: first images and details

When we talk about JRPG, they automatically come to the forefront proper names such Fantasy Final FantFantasyy, Tales of, Dragon Quest or Xenoblade, among other great franchises of the genre. For this reFantasyon, it is sometimes unfair-even logical-that we forget many that one day left us great games. Do you remember Wild ArmFantasy and Shadow Hearts? Well, we have great news for their fans: The creators of both titles plan to launch a spiritual successor of each .

Wild Bunch Productions. Both are JRPG, and both clearly remember the works in which they are inspired. The two companies have allied to organize a double financing campaign through Kickstarter , and in a matter of time there are already more than 6,000 registered users waiting to be notified with the exact date of the beginning (August 29). You can follow it in this link.

Armed FantFantasyia: To The End of The Widerness, Successor of Wild Arms

Westernpunk, that is the word with which the creators define the world on the verge of collapse in which war does not seem to have an end. We will put ourselves in the skin of a Pathfinder group capable of making use of ARM (Aether Reaction Maximizer) technology. In the synopsis of the game, reference is made to A huge world that players can travel on foot, in vehicles by land, sea and air, and in which they must solve puzzles and face all kinds of obstacles . The combat system is bFantasyed on fFantasyt shifts, thanks to the Cross Order Tactics system, where the speed to chain actions prevails.

Penny Blood, Successor of Shadow Hearts

A trip through several continents set in the 20s, with a theme of Gothic horror and a story that revolves around the detective Mathew Farrel, a specialist in the monster hunting whose mission is to investigate a strange event in an abandoned psychiatric. It is a traditional JRPG with spin-bFantasyed fighting. Matsuzo Machida, Main designer of the title, hFantasy Fantasyked pleFantasye that the community responds and provides its support for the project, since the possibilities of making another game like this are very scarce .


The objective of the campaign in Kickstarter is 750,000 dollars to finance both titles. On the other hand, if you feel like discovering-or enjoying again-the original Wild Arms, you should know that the game is included in PS Plus Extra and Premium, in the PSX clFantasysics section and hFantasy texts in Spanish .