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How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Robarg is the first world boss in Tower of Fantasy. They are weak to fire and are resistant to volt and will cause additional enemies to fight off the players. It is strictly not recommended to fight the boss alone, since world bosses are designed to fight other players. Here’s how to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy.


How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Robarg -World Boss, located in the first region of the fantasy tower. The world chat is often trying to gather people together to fight world bosses of the game, and players can unite in teams or travel to other places. channels join the game. Entering the battle, players should be careful with several key attacks.

All Robarg techniques and how to deal with them in Tower of Fantasy

Robarg movements, as a rule, are very well telegraph. Avoiding attacks will require players to avoid red glare on the floor, which will show most of their attacks.

The root attack *-an attack that is telegraphed with a robarg raising his hand. After that, the player will be attacked from the ground when a large tentacle hit up.
REGION OF THE AREMENT -ROBARG will try to hide, and a red circle will appear around it. After a moment, he will scream and cause damage to everyone who is in the red circle.
Vinogram attack -when attacking from close range, Robarg can attack with its tentacles in horizontal motion. This can be avoided if you stay away from the red region allocated.

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shells *-The boss has tracking missiles that will require the player to dodge to the side to avoid them.
poison -Arena can be filled with poison, but players can avoid this by going to the edge of the region, since the red backlight does not reach this place.
The transformed root attack -This root attack will be used three times in a row.
* Additional attacks -Robarg attaches yellow flowers to his tentacles and over time causes damage to all players nearby. They will shoot other shells.

* Calling of bees -the caused bees are very slow, and they can be kicked so as not to deal with them. They cause damage, but not as much as Robarg.

How to switch channels to Tower of Fantasy

When trying to find a group for Robarg or other world bosses, many players will already be in a group of four. Manually switch the channels and meet in the same place sometimes the only option, and not join someone’s team, and then teleport to the group leader. To switch channels players just need to click or touch the channel icon above card and select the channel to which they want to switch. After that, they will not be able to switch channels for 30 minutes .

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