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[Demonstration] Dead Island 2, RPG, which systematically holds a zombie zombie

Eight years after E3 2014, ‘Dead Island 2′ was finally outlined. The process was not smooth. If it was a bit of a game, such as stopping the development of the developer, it would not be strange to be buried. However, after the developer was decided as a deep silver, he finished his long wandering and decorated the end of the opening night live with a new trailer to get the response from the scene. Subsequently, the media presentation and demonstration have a chance to look at the gameplay’s core.

※ On-site shooting was limited at the request of the developer.

The Dead Island series is a FPS that takes advantage of the hand that beats zombies from the previous Dead Island, and an action RPG. Basically, the main story is followed by, but there is a growth factor and a cooperative play system, such as hitting zombies freely, repeating level up and item farming, or cooperating with other users. It also depends on how the puck obtained in the middle of the play is combined.

Dead Island 2 also focused on actively inheriting such factors and further developing. The first thing that stands out is that the sign of ‘attribute’ was clearly visible. In the previous work, if the prefix has a slightly added effect such as burn damage and bleeding damage, and the property effect is emphasized on certain individuals, this time, the effects or property reaction system that suits the icon from the beginning and fighting the general zombies are in the eye. It was standing.


For example, even if it is a general zombie, the object that drives in fire suits is resistant to the flame weapon, and the object with an electric ball dress has to be replaced with other weapons in order to catch more effectively because it is electric weapon resistance. Instead, the enemy zombie health gauge has an icon-resistant attribute, and the weapon attribute icon is also attached to the bottom, so it was not difficult to respond to it.

Like Dead Island, it was also important to see how alive the blow is, as it is focused on melee battles rather than shooting due to ammunition problems and efficiency. In particular, the previous worker Techland was not famous for the taste of beating the zombies. I don’t know why, but there’s even such a signature move where the general public blows zombies with a drop kick.

The drop kick, which blows the unique zombies cool, was also alive in Dead Island 2. The controller is not somewhat smooth, but when it is successful, it has a slow motion like a classic sports highlight scene, and it has a slow taste of B-class emotions that see the puck and out zombies. In particular, when I threw the blunt I was holding, I made the enemy in a state, and then blown the staggering zombies with a drop kick, I felt as if I was feeding the finisher in my professional wrestling.

However, there was a feeling that the highlights seemed to be abused. Normally, the highlights of the so-called ‘Zen’ Move will be maximized, because slow motion is often applied even in the scene of simply falling and staggering zombie’s head like a golf swing. When the enemy is cut off or bunched, the blood is poured out and the wound is not 100% perfectly reflected, but the details are good, but if you see it as a slow, it feels like the play tempo is somewhat cut off. While there are too many highlights, it is not good to become a teacher.

Dead Island is a series of zombies, but it is also a work that shows that it is not easy for users who are not familiar with first-person actions to hit a zombie that approaches a large number of times faster than they think. The enemy approaches everywhere, so the view is a bit faster, so if you are not familiar with the first-person game, it may be dizzy, and if you don’t know the special objects such as the intermediate screens, you will be able to hit the composition.

In addition to overcoming difficulties by collecting equipment or pucks such as equipment or pucks, there is also a system that allows you to add new ‘anger mode’ to avoid difficult sections. Unlike the title of the island, the background of this work is the main stage of Los Angeles. According to the media presentation, this work depicts the point of spreading to Los Angeles after the zombie virus spreads on the Bano Island. That’s why more diverse zombies run everywhere in more than ever before, and in order to respond, not only collecting pucks and holding equipment in various regions, but also creating a composition that can be hitting and receiving from the beginning. Anger mode was introduced.

The main characters are one of the people who have escaped from the island and drifted to Los Angeles, but they are infected, but they are not transformed into zombies, but only their explosive force. When you activate the anger mode, your stamina quickly recovers, and the weapon is inserted into the Deadtory window and then quickly hit the enemy with bare food. As it is naked, the range is shortened, so it is difficult to control the first. Instead, even if the enemy attacks, the stamina is restored, so the composition of beating all of the enemy attacks without avoiding the enemy’s attack has been boring. However, the maintenance time was quite short, and at least caution was needed as it died if it was damaged at once or in a situation where there was little health.

In the media presentation, there was no mention of the characters of the previous work, and it was difficult to mention the link with the previous work immediately at the current stage because only one of the pre-determined characters could be played in the demonstration. In the demonstration, only the demonstrations that could be played for about 30 minutes, reaching Santa Monica port from the beach, could not be confirmed to be able to freely travel around LA.

But even in that short moment, Dead Island was enough to remain in Dead Island. To be honest, there was a concern that before the demonstration, Dead Island’s somewhat cheap tastes and hot action would be as good as rags. In particular, since Techland has been suspended, it has been through several developers, so it was natural to worry about it. Even though I worry about it, I showed me a zombie and hot appearance in that 30 minutes.

More than that, the most concerns when developers change often are bugs. In particular, as the previous Dead Island was a title that had a lot of early bug issues, it would not be to be worried about the sequel to the sequel that continued to support in the poorer environment. However, in the demonstration version, it was too short to check this part, and the slow motion is also quite low, so it is difficult to mention it at this stage.

However, one thing is certain that once you grab a pad or keyboard mouse, the zombies are burned and sliced. You can see how the characters who have been infected with the Apocalypse world created by the zombie virus from the island to Los Angeles will survive on February 3, 2023.