Final Fantasy XIV

How to get a clumsy minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 added many new minions, but not all of them were available immediately after the release. This, of course, took place with the minion of a clockwork Solus, a diminutive version of the infamous Emete Selch. Here’s how to get your own mini-emet of the village, Minon of the Cavor Solus in FFXIV.

unlocking the Minon of the Cavor Solus in Final Fantasy XIV

The Minon of the Cavor Solus is available during the event Uprising 2022. This is a reward for the implementation of the event of the event. To start a quest, talk with wandering Menstrel AT X: 10.1, Y: 8.4 in ul’Dah-stps of nald . Revenue last year at the Final Fantasy XIV with the intra-game avatar of the director of the game Yoshida to get a cumbarian Solus as a reward.

As we previously reported, the Ring 2022 event will begin on August 27 and will last until September 12.


The Rising is an annual event dedicated to the launch of the Final Fantasy XIV reboot in ALM REBORN, as well as the intra-game honoring of those who died during a disaster, a huge catastrophe that crushed the world that fell on the eorza. It is marked with fireworks and celebrations.

This year, it seems, the main attention will be paid to Askians, such as the Emet, the true nature of which we discovered in the Endwalker addition. Once the main villains of the series, for several extensions, the fans learned that Askians were rather a tragic series of figures. The minion of the clockwork Solus perpetuates one of the brightest villains that have ever existed in FFXIV in a miniature form.

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