Buffy reboot: The vampire enters an indefinite pause

_ Buffy: The Vampire Slayer It is an icon of popular culture of 90s. After the last episode was transmitted in 2003, many thought this would be the end of this character. However, in 2018 it was revealed that a reboot was already in development. Four years after this announcement, today it has been revealed that this project has stopped indefinitely.

Through the TV’s top 5 podcast of The Hollywood Reporter, Gail Berman, executive producer of the show, has revealed that the development of the reboot has entered pause , and at the moment it is unknown when it is that things will return to The normality. Similarly, at the moment it is unknown what caused production to stop.

It is important to mention that since the reboot was announced, Joss Whedon, who was going to take the position of executive producer in the series, has been involved in a series of accusations about the inappropriate and aggressive work behavior of him. Even Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia Chase, accused the director of constant threats of layoffs and abused her power on numerous occasions. So this perhaps played a role in the current state of this state new production.

At the time it was mentioned that this reboot will have as the protagonist a woman of color. Although for the moment there is no actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was responsible for giving life to Buffy in the original series, said that Zendaya should have this position, something that fans liked fans a lot.

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