Lol: 4 occasions in which players were banned for no reason for Riot Games

It is known that the League of Legends community is quite toxic, which undoubtedly justifies many of Bans waves that Riot Games has carried out in its Moba over the years. However, the developer has also gone further when applying punishments among her players, which translates into many unfair baths.

Today we will review some that have generated great controversies for the company throughout the almost 13 years of LOL.

Baneada for wanting to leave a 3-hour game

This South Korea streamer was expelled from LOL for 14 days by negative behavior and intentional feeding, but the problem is that it did not practice any of these actions during the game of more than three hours in which the snipers of their streaming kept it as hostage. Yes, trolls who entered her departure and seek to spoil the experience.

Four Trolls entered the game creator’s departure and divided into groups of two: Nasus and Jhin were in his team, and Evelynn and Senna in the opposite team; That way, it would never be possible to finish the game by surrender, since the vote would not receive enough confirmations.


The case went viral in the community and the players were impacted by the lack of involvement of the Riot Support team, which did not analyze the context of the case.

Ban for… play?

In 2016, the Lol community that frequents the Reddit forum was incredulous in the case of a player who was banned by surprisingly, playing. Riot Games defends the speech that players should feel encouraged to find new ways of playing Lol, using champions and compositions outside the goal, but that is not always the truth.

The player in question did not receive a permanent prohibition, but was threatened by an employee of the Riot Support team. He used to play games with Singed Support, always sending the justification of him behind the national team, asking his teammates to trust his skills and play in the usual way.

The case became viral in Reddit and Riot then officially pronounced, stating that playing Singed Support was not a reason for Ban, but that the player had to be aware of the negative potential that his strategies could have in his companions.

The coronavirus almost causes a baneo

In 2020, a Lol player named Joao Corona was almost expelled from the game for a rather absurd reason. In July 2019 he changed his former nickname Squid Corona for only Corona, his surname. Until now, everything seems normal, but when the Covid-19 pandemic began, caused by the Coronavirus, Riot Games decided that he needed to change the nickname of him.

Joao told Buzzfeed that one night, he entered Lol to play with his friends, which he used to do, when he received an official message from the developer. They asked him to change his nick because of the situation in which the world of pandemic was.

The case also went viral and when a publication in this regard reached 19,000 votes in favor in Reddit, Riot responded to Joao.We do not believe that forcing a change of name in this situation is in line with our policies, so we will investigate the situation _.

This player was also banned by playing

At the beginning of season 12, the technique of using the Smith spell in the upper lane with champions other than expected in this lane gave a lot to talk about. Again, Riot was criticized for saying that he encourages his players to play in different ways, but not really.

The player Yuumi Top Ohteep, which at that time had an account of 56% victories in Diamond 1, played a lot with this tactic of the best sorcerers with Smit such as Janna, Zilean, Karma and even Yuumi.

That was so until the day he was suspended for 14 days for using this strategy, being accused of trolling a party on purpose. According to Riot, it was evident that the player was helping the enemy team. You left the upper lane and you stayed with Dragon just to avoid winning XP and gold for the rest of the match, the support said. However, this is precisely the objective of the strategy, yield resources to the rest.