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High up on life will finally be released on December 13

The game supplies a number of biomes, ranging from a forest that looks like a city built inside an asteroid. In your exploration of the different atmospheres, you will need to encounter many brutes, to drop on the notorious Garmantuous.

Reported very first for October 25, 2022, High on Life will ultimately see the light of day on December 13. The game signed Squanch Games will be offered on computer, Xbox One and also Xbox Collection. And of course, it will be usable as quickly as it is released with the Game Pass.

To get a little, High up on Life is a squanch game, that is to state the studio created by Justin Roiland, the papa of Rick and Morty. As well as ultimately, it is an accuracy can be a little unneeded as the style and also the unreasonable humor of its maker is noticeable.


In the FPS, you play a young apprentice benefit seeker whose objective is to clear the land of a cartel of space beings. They desire to utilize human beings as a medication. To succeed in saving the world-yes just that-you will certainly have to rescue then group up with talking weapons. Each will clearly have its very own personality in enhancement to various attributes of the others.

Qualities of High On Life