The best devil games of all time, classified

Devil has a special place in players’ hearts. For many, it was his first foray into the ARPG. The franchise created an interesting world to explore, such as the quiet city of Tristram and the bowels of hell. At the beginning of his trip, everything he has in his name is armor, a weapon and some gold pieces that he probably looted from a corpse. Whether you have recently discovered devil or have been a fanatic for a long time, here are the best devil games of all time, classified of the worst to the best.

4.) Immortal Devil


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Immortal Devil is such a polarizing game. In essence, Immortal Devil certainly nails the essence of the series. The animations are adjusted, the skills feel heavy and the game adapts surprisingly well to mobile platforms. Each class has a different identity, not to mention the sweet booty in the form of well-designed weapons and armor.

Unfortunately, it ends right there. The plot is weak, voice performance is not bad, but it often has no life, and microtransactions are horrible and predators, which is a shame because Immortal devil is genuinely fun in short and significant bursts. If Immortal Diablo had received a price label, except the payment mechanics to win, it would have been much higher on this list.

3.) Devil

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The one who started everything: Devil. This may be your parents’ devil, but it is one that you should definitely visit, even if you have spoiled modern ARPGs like Path of Exile. There is so much atmosphere, from dark and humid catacombs to the walls made of bone and blood in hell. It is a beautiful mixture of terror, role-playing games and master narration.

Devil still remains, despite having been released in 1997, although sometimes he feels archaic. There are only three classes in the base game, your character is limited to walking and there is a small learning curve with his mechanics. But if you give him a chance, you will undoubtedly be humming Tristam’s disturbing theme in a short time.

2.) Devil 3

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 3 received well-deserved criticisms when he first launched. Fans who bought Devil 3 (like me) spent more time looking at error 37 than playing. And when it was available, the game auction house did not look good. That said, it still presents a fantastic gameplay and a good story.

The seven classes are incredibly unique, such as the barbarian with his style of Berserker fury play or the doctor’s doctor with his curses and invocations. Best of all, Diablo 3 gets the right spoil, especially class sets. Although it is not as dark and gloomy as devil or even devil 2, the third installment still offers a much better experience than Immortal Diablo.

1.) Devil 2: Risen

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

There is a reason why Diablo 2 received the remastering treatment: it is the pinnacle of the devil franchise. Diablo 2 follows the path of Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2: Take everything from its previous delivery, it marks it to 11 and starts the knob. Which caused Devil to be so great expanded in greater detail.

The number of classes goes from three to seven, each with its own unique game style. We learn all kinds of new knowledge, we visit the stone of the world (which is shattered in Diablo 3 and Immortal Devil) and we even meet with other lords of hell and angels of heaven.

Combat is much more satisfying and impressive, not to mention new mechanics such as the Rune system. Each class has different talent trees to maximize goodness, the taste of role-playing games and construction diversity. Best of all, the loot is powerful and abundant. With Devil 2: Resurrected, you can experience this masterpiece in consoles (including Nintendo Switch) and PC, which you should undoubtedly do.

And that is the best devil games of all time, classified . It will be interesting to see where Diablo IV will fall on this list in the future. Will you overcome Devil 2? Meanwhile, check out the devil IV model progression system.

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