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God of War Ragnarok reviews the story of Kratos and Arceus in a new video

Save the mobiles, clear the tables and take out a blank folio. Let’s do an exam… about the history of God of War . And for those who need a review before, Sony hSanta Monica just published a video called Midgar myths in which summarizes the main events of the trip of Kratos and Domen . The best way to catch up with the 2018 plot and remember the battles with Baldur, the tensions between father and son and the cliffhanger of its end, the one in which we spread The Santa Monicahes of Loki’s mother . Because we better have everything fresh. Santa Monica the video warns, Ragnarok approaches .

The 9 kingdoms of War Ragnarok

In recent weeks, Santa Monica Studio and Sony have also shared an official synopsis of God of War Ragnarok that would put anyone’s long teeth. Recall that The game will close the Nordic arc of the character , perhaps even his story, and every track about the future of Sparta’s ghost is welcome. The synopsis says:

From the hand of Santa Monica Studio comes the sequel to the acclaimed God of War (2018). The Fimbulvetr is underway. Kratos and Domen musttravel to each of the new kingdoms in search of answers while the Santa Monicagardian forces They prepare for the prophesied battle that will mean The end of the world . On the way, they will explore incredible mythical landscapes and will face fearsome enemies, such Santa Monica monsters and Nordic gods . The threat of Ragnarok is increSanta Monicaingly close. Kratos and Domen shouldchoose between their own insurance and that of the kingdoms **.

The visit to the nine kingdoms comes to fulfill one of the most demanding things of the previous God of War, in which we were left with honey on the lips. Throughout the adventure we only visit six of them (Alfheim, Jotunheim, Nidavellir, Muspelheim, Helheim and Midgard), and several anecdotally (Santa Monica is the cSanta Monicae of Jotunheim). YggdrSanta Monicail, the tree of life, mentioned the rest, but his access wSanta Monica closed. And those who had left were not precisely unimportant: Santa Monicagard ( the kingdom in which Thor ), Vanaheim (home of the Vanir, the sister race of the Santa Monicagardians) and Svartálfaheim ( the kingdom of the dwarves ).


Hopefully God of War Ragnarok does not keep anything on this occSanta Monicaion and allow us different collector.