Dragon ball z:dokkan battle

Two Point Campus Campus

Some players focus on closed rooms in the Two Point campus, but the game has something more than closed rooms. The battlefield is very useful to have on the Two Point campus. In this Two Point campus guide, we explained everything about Battle Ground, including the process of unlocking it and its requirements.


how to unlock the battlefield

The battlefield is opened at the beginning of Noboblsted and contains many interesting subjects that can help your students study the noble art of chivalry.

Requirements for the combat field

The requirements for the Battle Ground in the Two Point campus include the qualified teacher of the Knight School, the minimum size of 5×5, at least 18,100 dollars and one rate that needs to be taught. After creating a building room, instead of a regular door, you will need Grand Entrance. A large entrance will be used to enter and exit. The grandiose entrance is not expensive, as it costs only $ 100.

You will also need one of the stations of etiquette or combat training station. The etiquette training station will cost you $ 15,000. There is no much difference in cost for Combat Training Station, as you need $ 13,000.

objects and cost of the Battle Ground laboratory

Battle Ground has many things that increase the value of your room and campus. At least, you will need a place for the front entrance and one of the points of combat training or the item of etiquette.

Then you can add combat mannequins, target targets, racks for weapons and benches so that your knights can sit while they are waiting in line. In fact, it is very fun to immerse yourself in the Middle Ages in the Two Point campus using Battle Ground.

Combat mannequin *: It helps students in the implementation of their tasks. This item costs $ 200.
Banquet table : This item costs $ 750 and increases attractiveness.
Prince Mannequin : It also helps students in completing their tasks. This item costs $ 200.
Wooden throne *: This item provides a seat. The cost of this item is $ 75.
Artillery: This helps students perform tasks. This item costs $ 600.
Standard: Decorative item, which costs $ 75.
A kit for archery *: This subject helps students perform tasks and costs $ 250.
flag: decorative item, which costs $ 75.
Star for weapons : This subject is used by students to complete tasks. It costs $ 300.
Fire pit *: Decorative object worth $ 500.
Palace of Clause: This task increases attractiveness and costs $ 500.
Round table : This is a decorative item that costs $ 500.
Knight’s bench *: This wooden bench serves as a seat. This item costs $ 200.
Money bags : Decorative item worth $ 1,000.
Wooden chair : This wooden chair provides sitting places and costs $ 75.
barrel: * decorative item, which costs $ 100.
A target for firing from onions *: This subject helps students perform tasks and costs $ 200.

combat ground courses and classes

If you want a successful battlefield, you need to teach the right courses. In addition, getting new courses will also cost you money. The course you need to add to Battle Ground is Knight School. This course will help you teach your students Battle Ground.

Knights school courses

1 year *: Practical chivalry
1 year : In search of a pointed end
2nd year : squiring in the field
* 3rd year : charm and disarming

tips on the battlefield

Despite the relatively large minimum 5 × 5 size, Battle Ground can benefit from the fact that it will be slightly larger. Additional space is certainly useful if you are trying to make the game beautiful, and not just add elements to satisfy the requirements of the game.

As you move around the knobs, you need to have more battles in your campus, so keep the one you like so that you can simply add it later. You will definitely need a plot in which there will be enough space if you are just starting the level. The placement of the second battlefield in another section can cause problems if you build a huge and save it. For the most part, everything will be fine for you if you adhere to the basics.