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Valorant East Asia Final Power will be held for one week from August 8th

-8th on Slayers-EDG confrontation 14th final online progression

** -The Korean team, the three teams, and China two teams in two teams.

-The final survival team acquired Champions Participation Picks in Turkiye in September

The final development schedule for East Asia, which selects a team to enter the Valorant Champions, has been released.

The development and distributor of the 5th to 5th Daejeon character-based tactical shooting game, Riot Games, Korea, Japan, and China’s representatives of the Valorant East Asian Final Development, which competes for a ticket to the Champions. It has been released.

Champions is the world’s strongest team to participate in the world champion of Valorant e-sports, with 16 teams from seven regions worldwide, and 10 teams will be advanced based on regular season scores.. The remaining six teams will get the right to advance through the final selection of each region.

In Korea, DRX, which swept two Balorant Challengers Korea this year, has confirmed its entry into the Champions as the No. 1 qualification for circuit points in Korea.

East Asia’s final match will include eight teams from Korea, Japan and China. In particular, it is the first tournament for China to participate in the official Valorant competition.

There are three teams, including Damwon Kia, Maru Gaming, and On Slayers, and three teams: Norception, Crazy Raccoon, and Reject, and Edward Gaming and Con esports Clubs in China.

Balorant’s final match is a double elimination method for one week. A total of 14 games will be played in the champions in Istanbul, Turki, in September.

All matches will be played in three games and double eliminations, and the loser final and final finals will be played in 5 games and 3 wins. The team who won the final finals will be eligible for East Asia.

Among the Korean representatives, Slayers and Maru Gaming will play against Edward Gaming on August 8, and Damwon Kia plays with Crazy Raccoon on the 9th.

All of the final matches of East Asia will be online and live live on Twitch, YouTube, African TV and Naver Sports.