How to get Thunder Egg in Dinkum (and what to do with him)

Like any life simulator, Dinkum has a variety of elements that are used for multiple purposes. Some valuable elements cannot be achieved unless you have specific tools. Others are collected in order to sell them. A great example are the Thunder Eggs. They are rare, valuable, beautiful in sight and must be recovered as soon as one sees. So how do you get Thunder Eggs in Dinkum? What are you doing even with that? We are going to find out.

How to get Thunder Egg in Dinkum (and what to do with him)

How to get thunder eggs

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Thunder eggs are quite rare in Dinkum and only appear during the storms. If you go out and it’s just raining, that will not be enough. There must be lightning in heaven. If you are lucky, a Thunder Egg will appear somewhere on the island.

Unfortunately, Thunder Eggs do not appear anywhere, since they can appear anywhere in the island. That makes it extremely difficult, but the search for the treasure can be done by raising the volume. The Thunder Eggs emit the crepitant sound of electricity.

If you listen to it, look for a large brown egg-shaped rock from which a ray comes out. Do not worry about electricity, it is safe to pick it up. Keep in mind that it is too big to fit in your inventory, so you will have to lift it on your head.

What are thunder eggs for?

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Despite how special and rare thunder eggs are in Dinkum, they have no special purpose to sell and exhibit. John will gladly offer Dines in return, as he does with most articles such as Seashells and Honey. However, there is no fixed price for Thunder Eggs.

When you take a Thunder Egg to John, he will evaluate it. Just leave it in the balance and he will give you a price. You are not forced to sell it; In fact, if John fees it for less than 60,000 Dinks, there is a better option: sell the content inside.

If you open a thunder egg, you will receive four opals, each of which will be sold for 15,000 dings. And since John does not evaluate Opals, he will obtain the total price of each, for a total of 60,000 dints. Now you see why you shouldn’t accept John’s offer if it is less than 60,000 dints?

But before opening your lovely Thunder Egg, consider exhibiting it. Occasionally, Dinkum visitors love to see photos of Thunder Eggs. If you keep one on display, you can quickly complete the task.

And that is all you need to know about Get Thunder Eggs in Dinkum and what you can do with them. If you have problems finding one, try to bring friends; Dinkum admits multiplayer. And if you are delaying the sale of the Thunder Egg, then consider learning to fish to get to the end of the month.

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